#2. Actually, Second Blog – Needles

IMG_20170919_2038464_rewindStill trying to learn how to make posts in the Word Press Blog.

I like that I’m still learning a year plus into knitting.  I’m learning what kind of needles I like, Knitters Pride Dreamz, and circular.  My first project used traditional bamboo needles.  These are good for beginners as the yarn tends to hang on to the needles.  But I’ve quickly learned that a smoother finish helps make knitting faster as the stitches slide off the needle easier.  I love the pretty wood with Knitters Pride Dreamz needles and different colors for different sizes.  I’m hoping for a set for Christmas.

My first sock class used the traditional double pointed needles.  But the second class I took used the “magic loop” technique.  I greatly prefer using the same circular needles for socks that I can use for all my other projects rather than having to have sets of double pointed for socks.  Plus circular just better fits my “logic” as I work through the sock versus juggling 3-4 needles as I knit in the round.

I originally bought bamboo circular needles with different length cords as they were very cheap.  This was probably an inexpensive way to learn these needles are terrible but I learned about cord length.  The plastic tubes used as cord wear out quickly and break.  This is no fun in the middle of knitting something.  So I’ve learned that I really like tips and then having multiple cord lengths that can be attached for a smooth transition.

Unfortunately the very small needles, US 1-2, are too small to be able to use detachable cords.  I have to buy these needles already with cords attached separate from my set of tips and detachable cord set.  I have learned that I prefer the lace or fingering weight yarns over the worsted weight yarns. This means using the smaller needles and LOTS of stitches and rows to make something.

I’m sure there will be more to learn about needles, but this is what I’ve learned after the first year.  Don’t invest in a bunch of traditional bamboo needles in different sizes until you are sure that traditional is the type of needle you prefer.  For me it’s polished wood tips and circular needles.cropped-img_20170919_2038464_rewind


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