#1 – Getting Started

I’m writing this blog to share my experiences about learning to knit.  I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying it!!  I will be sharing what I’m learning as I knit new things as well as what I find helpful when knitting.  I can appreciate this is likely more of a diary than a blog as I’m not really expecting anyone to read it but me.

I started knitting in September of last year (9/16).  I retired four years before but had been working part-time at my former job.  Now I was fully retired and wanted to learn something new.  Knitting seemed like a useful new hobby.  My daughter likes to wear scarves and so do I.  Also my church has a prayer shawl ministry that I thought would be fun to join.

So I Googled knitting lessons and found a well recommended offering at a yarn shop (unfortunately on the opposite side of town so a 30 minute commute).  The three week format was recommended because it allows students to have opportunities to make mistakes, get repetition, and have questions answered.  I’ve been knitting now ever since!!  I’ve learned to make scarves, shawls, and socks.  I’m still taking classes, fortunately at a much closer yarn shop, Silk Road Textiles.  I’ve learned what I like, good yarn, fingering/lace weight, and what works for me when knitting, generous use of markers when knitting shawls, yarn bags from Michael’s, etc.

My first project was a basic ribbed scarf.  After making four of the same pattern, I was bored and sought out lessons to learn more stitches.  I’m now proficient at yarnovers and ssk.  By spring I moved to a shawl.  Lesson learned; using fingering weight yarn means LOTS of stitches!  I love the light weight and drape of the shawl, but it certainly took a lot of time!!  I made a second one with worsted weight yarn which took much less time.

This summer I had my first sock class.  I learned to use double pointed needles.  This fall I took another sock class to learn the magic loop technique.  I definitely prefer the magic loop.  Now I find myself with three different socks started that I’m looking forward to working on while enjoying a week in the Caribbean.  In January I start my first sweater.

I look forward to sharing my journey as I become a better knitter.  Please feel free to share any tips you’ve picked up to make knitting easier or more enjoyable.




One thought on “#1 – Getting Started

  1. I learned as a Girl Scout during WW II, knitting “squares” for Red Cross afghans. The ” is for the misnomer “squares”. How those ladies ever sewed them together, I’ll never know! From there I went to knitting socks for my father and brother—pretty much on my own–knit on the streetcar on the way to class at the U. There are only two stitches–knit or purl–and a reading requirement to follow instructions. I found it challenging to try new patterns and new skills—just keep knitting—-it’s all experience.


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