#8. Scarves, Scarves, Scarves

A scarf was my first project.  They are fairly simple and very practical.  After making four of the same basic pattern though I was bored.  I also wanted to learn some new stitches beyond “knit” and “purl”.  I used the fabulous website Ravelry to find some patterns.  I was able to search for “easy” patterns.  I then could have my daughter Sara look through the results and pick a few that she would like.

Unfortunately reading knitting patterns is not easy until you learn the lingo.  Then how the heck do you actually knit what the pattern says.  So I arranged to take a few private knitting classes at Silk Road Textiles (my favorite local yarn store!!)   My instructor, Carolyn, helped me pick out patterns that fit my beginner level but would still be pretty.  She also helped me find appropriate yarns.

The middle blue scarf is the original simple ribbed pattern I first learned.  I love using variegated yarns to add contrast.  The silver scarf on the left is actually super easy to knit and I learned how to knit yarnovers and knit2together.  The green scarf on the right is a pretty lacy pattern made with fingering weight yar.  It’s a nice light weight scarf.  Perfect for southern climates.

I’ve moved on to socks and now sweaters but I’m sure I’ll go back to making a few scarves in the future.



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