#9. First Sweater




After a little over a year of knitting, I decided to tackle my first sweater.  The thought of knitting something that has to fit terrifies me.  Yeah socks kind of have to fit but there’s a lot of leeway.  And you don’t even see half of it when you wear them.  No, a sweater will show every mistake in all its glory.  Plus the sleeves have to match.  And it’s a lot of time, and yarn, to commit.

So my favorite yarn shop, Silk Road Textiles, offered a beginning sweater class.  Supposed to be super easy.  No separate pieces to “sew” together.  Instructor to help me understand the pattern and stitches.  Perfect.  Carolyn, one of the excellent employees and also great knitting instructor, even found me a relatively inexpensive yarn since I sure didn’t want to spend a lot of my first attempt.

Well, two months later it’s finally done.  I am not a fast knitter!  I definitely made mistakes.  After finishing the first sleeve, I realized that I don’t knit ssk correctly.  I really do need to use YouTube more often!!  Also I got the ssk versus K2tog backwards thus making an inch wide “seam” instead of a nice small “seam”.  But I wasn’t willing to rip out the entire sleeve so I just continued the mistakes on the second sleeve.  It’s called a design element when you continue a mistake.  😁

Despite my best efforts, one sleeve is bigger in diameter than the other but I’m hoping it’s not noticeable.  I really thought I started both sleeves with the same number of stitches so the decreasing should have been the same.  Next time I’ll record, on Raveley where I record all my knitting projects, how many stitches I started with.  The other problem is that even with a row counter, I still get confused so my decreasing isn’t consistent.  I’m hoping that after the practice of two sleeves I’ll be better in the future.

Speaking of future, I’ve already signed up for a second sweater class!  This one is intended for my daughter so I’ll have to be more careful to avoid errors (even though my mantra is errors are how you know it’s homemade).  This class is similar but includes a patterned front.  The class starts next week.  The sweater will be finished in May.  Just in time to put away until next winter. 😵



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