#11. Project Yarn Bags


I’ve posted before about my project bags and yarn bags.  I use quilted totes that I get relatively cheaply on Amazon to hold my entire project so I’ve started calling them project bags.  They hold the yarn(s)/yarn bag(s) for the project I’m working on such as socks, a scarf, or a sweater.  In the case of socks, there might be one yarn bag for the toe/heel yarn and a second yarn bag for the remainder of the sock.  Plus the project bag holds my knitting accessories containers that have stitch markers, row counters, scissors, crochet hook, etc.  And it holds my project pattern.  I can easily find different patterned totes so that it’s easy to quickly see which bag has my sock project, which has my sweater project and which has my prayer shawl project.

Yarn bags on the other hand only come to two colors, pink and purple, at Michael’s.  With a coupon they cost less than $3.  I could get a third color, teal, if I were willing to spend $13 on Amazon.  So I’m trying to come up with a way to make all my pink or purple bags look different from each other.  Fortunately I don’t usually have more than two yarns bags within a project bag.  But I would still like some visual reinforcement of what the yarn in the yarn bag is for.

I tried “sewing” some strands for metallic thread on the outside of a bag.  Turns out the thread tended to get destroyed trying to weave it through the stiff mesh.  So now I’m trying putting some paper flowers that I got at Michael’s on the top of the bag.  These are stuck on with Velcro dots.  Just started using the bag today so I’ll soon see if it works.

I know my favorite yarn shop, Silk Road Textiles, is planning a sewing class to make what they call project bags but what I’d call yarn bags.  Silk Road has lots of fun fabrics so that my yarn bags could have more personality.  I’m looking forward to that class but in the mean time, I’ll be trying to figure out how to differentiate my pink and purple mesh bags.


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