#16. Knitting to Guage

Dipped and Dappled ScarfIMG_20180625_2156417_rewindI am not alone in hating to do gauge knitting.  It is essential in anything that has to fit such as a sweater and to be honest, even socks.  But I have recently learned it can be important in something as simple as a scarf if the yarn you are using is dyed so as to generate a specific pattern.

I recently bought a “dappled and dipped” yarn and that is supposed to knit up into a scarf with diamonds of solid color and speckled “color”.  I was very disappointed in my scarf and plan to rip it out.  😢  Another knitter at the yarn store I frequent, Silk Road Textiles, was knitting the same scarf with the same yarn and hers looks much prettier.  Her stitches are much “denser” than mine.  So I’m going to rip it out and start over, this time paying attention to gauge to see if I don’t get the pattern she got.  If it still doesn’t pattern right, the yarn will become socks!!!  😁

Update:  Smaller needle worked!!  Much happier with scarf.  Knitting continential makes MUCH looser gauge so had to drop two needle sizes.


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