#18. Hobby Spread

IMG_20180714_1134182_rewindIsn’t it funny how one hobby can spread into another.  I’m almost two years into my knitting hobby.  One thing I enjoy about knitting is project and yarn bags.  As noted on past blogs, I tend to use quilted tote bags for project bags, but I also use mesh bags to hold my yarn.  I keep the mesh yarn bag in my project bag.  The project bag then holds the “project”, extra ball of yarn if needed, my accessory bag, and stitch marker container.

But I find myself lusting after cute fabric project/yarn bags that I see my fellow knitters make.  So I have found an easy project bag pattern.  I’m pretty sure I can modify it to be a combination yarn/project bag.  I’m excited to make one as a birthday present for my daughter whom I’ve recently gotten into knitting (hopefully).

So now my knitting is crossing over into sewing.  I have a very old sewing machine (30+ years) that I don’t really know how to use.  The tension is frequently wrong creating ugly seams.  So I’m off to my beloved Silk Road Textiles again.  Seems they have just the right class this month – understand your machine.  Thank you Terry!!!  I can’t wait to learn how to use my machine correctly.  I don’t see myself making clothes but I sure can see having fun making knitting project bags.  I’ve already been scoping out fabrics.  😁

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