#23. Ravelry Contests

IMG_20181007_1400484_rewindI’m not usually a contest person but my LYS (Silk Road Textiles) made we aware of two contests on Ravelry recently.  One by a yarn company, Berroco, simply asked me to post a photo of a project I had made with their yarn.  Since I had just finished a sweater for my daughter with Berroco yarn, I posted it.

The second was by a knitting needle and accessories company, Knitters Pride.  I just had to write a post about my favorite LYS.  That was easy.  I really like Silk Road Textiles.

Well surprise, surprise!!  My posts got picked in both contests!!  I won a book of patterns from Berroco and a “knitting necklace” from Knitters Pride.  I had my eye on the necklace so I was thrilled to win it!  It’s perfect for me, the stitch marker queen.  It’s a handy way to keep markers ready to use instead of accidentally knocking them off the table.

Winning these contests follows on the heels of winning a beautiful wooden swift this summer from Silk Road Textiles as part of their anniversary celebration.  I suspect I’ve used up my luck but I’ll keep entering contests, especially when the only effort required is making a post.


#22. Catching Up

I started a bunch of knitting projects due to taking classes in the spring.  This resulted in some stress this summer as I had all these partial projects.  I was feeling out of control.  So I decided no new classes until I got some completed.  I finished three pairs of socks, one pair of footies, and a sweater for my daughter.  I also had fun making project bags out of cute fabrics that I picked up at Silk Road Textiles summer anniversary sale.  I started and finished a shawl with yarn I gotten back in April and restarted a scarf that I was unhappy with how it was knitting up.

The result of all this knitting is that I feel more back in control.  I still have a few uncompleted projects but I’m not as stressed over these.  The restarted scarf doesn’t really have a completion date and is just something to knit when I need to take a break with some easy knitting.  I’m working on a pair of socks for me so that I can learn the Fish Lips Kiss heel so again it doesn’t really have a completion date.  Since it’s a watermelon pattern, they don’t really need to be finished till next spring.  I’ve also started another pair of footies for me but these knit up fast and again don’t have to be done anytime soon.

So I’m back in class again.  The shell seeker sweater class started while I was on vacation but I hope to get some guage help today and then start knitting.  I know sock classes will start up again in January when Colleen gets back in town.  It’s only 12 weeks until Christmas and I have a bunch of projects I’d like to get done.  Oops, I’m starting to get stressed again.  Better get back to knitting.