#24 Not Following The Pattern

IMG_20181105_1752120_rewindEither I’m getting more confident in my knitting or more adventurous in my old age.  I’m making a sweater but not in the yarn weight the pattern calls for.  I searched on Ravelry but unfortunately no one had made the sweater in the yarn I wanted to use.  The thinner yarn is creating challenges as I need many more rows and stitches.  I was expecting it to be a simple math conversion based on my gauge.

It hasn’t exactly worked that way.  Casting on my calculated stitches turned out to be way too many.  So I just removed stitches until I had the desired neck width of the sweater.  When I reached the number of rows even the XXL sweater called for, I still was only halfway to the desired length before splitting to make the sleeves.  This time I used math to figure our how many rows were still needed to get the length and how many stitches were needed to get the body width.

Adding to the difficulty, the sweater is for my daughter who lives 10 hrs away.  So I’ll knit past the sleeve break and a little into the body before Thanksgiving when I’ll see her.  Then she can try it on and I can adjust (rip out) as needed. 😋

I do love the yarn and thinner stripes it makes in the sweater.  I actually don’t like the thicker stripes of my fellow knitters sweaters.  My version looks like what I thought the sweater was going to look when I bought the pattern.  Fortunately since it’s lighter weight, I don’t really need to have it done until spring.


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