#25. Knitting Retreat – Nov ’18

Been a long time since last post but doesn’t mean I haven’t been doing new things with knitting.  Went on my first knitting retreat/ girls weekend back at the end of November.  4 of my fellow knitters drove to Univ of Illinois to visit a fifth fellow knitter who spent the summer and fall on sabbatical with her husband.  She hosted us for the weekend while we visited 3 yarn shops in the area, a craft fair, and had fun lunches.  We of course spent the evenings knitting together.

It was indeed a lot of fun so we are planning to do a road trip again in 2019.  At a minimum, we will go to Yellowsprings for a yarn fair in September.  I feel so lucky to have made so many nice friends through taking knitting classes at Silk Road Textiles.  We share pattern ideas and of course encourage each other as we knit projects.  Knitting has turnit on oked out to be a wonderful new hobby in retirement.


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