#26. Yarn Cozys


Yarn cozys are a wonderful discovery.  They are terrific when making 2 at a time socks to hold the two 50g balls of yarn.  The yarn does have to be wound so that the working yarn is pulled from the middle.  I tried using elastic headbands but they don’t work that well.  And they definitely aren’t as cute.  If you are going to do something, you might as well have fun with the pieces.  That’s why at work I always had colorful gel pens and brightly colored post-it notes.

Teresa first put me on to them.  She bought them from the yarn store in Mason.  I couldn’t find them online and finally drove out to Mason last summer to get my first set.  Then I finally found a yarn shop that sold the cozys online.  Several did but only one, Markers Mercantile, was the only one that let you order the version you wanted.  Thus I can mix colors and patterns.  Now twice I’ve been able to put together an order with my fellow knitters to avoid shipping charges.

I guess in theory I’d only need one set but I seem to always have multiple projects going despite my intentions.  So I have white bears, green lattice, blue stripes, and have ordered red paw prints.  That’s actually 12 yarn cozys.  Guess I shouldn’t be supporting my tendency to start projects rather than finish them but it’s too late.  😁


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