#28 Finding Fellow Knitters While Snowbirding – Ravelry

One of the things I love about my life is my knitting group.  We meet weekly either at our LYS or at our favorite local coffee shop.  That’s in addition to knitting classes and a monthly gathering of knitters at a microbrewery.  So at a minimum, I have a social outing to look forward to every week.  Some weeks I have three knitting sessions.  Snowbirding is isolating for me. My husband doesn’t require the social interaction.  He sits at home reading everyday.  I’m the one that needs the social interaction.

So I was thrilled when I looked for knitting groups using Ravelry.  There was a knitting group that meets in a nearby town.  Fortunately it was still active.  The ladies were very friendly when I came to my first “meeting” despite bring a very temporary attendee.  I am here for four weeks.  They have been getting together for 12 years.  Thus I’m pretty confident they will sit be meeting if we come back next winter.  So at least I have something to look forward to once a week.

So once again Ravelry has been helpful, even in ways I hadn’t expected.


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