#34. Clear Accessory Bags


20190623_211205I’ve posted previously on how I have started using clear plastic zippered bags as a way to store a projects worth of yarn together.  I usually try to have a project in mind when I buy yarn.  Thus I put the title page of a pattern and the yarn in a bag and it’s ready for when I start the project, even a year later.

Now I’ve moved to also using a clear bag for my accessories.  The ones I was using were either too small or poor quality and were starting to tear.  These are larger and better quality.  I like using clear bags so I can easily see if the item I need is in the bag and where it is.

I have two accessory bags as I use two quilted totes to carry my projects.  One of the totes is large enough to carry two or three small projects.  The other is good for a single large project like a sweater.

These clear bags are from Amazon and have colorful trim.  I still have 3 in pink and purple as backups.


#33. Warehouse Sale Road Trip

Four of us from my weekly knitting group got up super early, 5 AM, to drive to Columbus for Knit Picks warehouse sale.  We had early bird tickets so we got to go in at 8 AM.  Thank goodness we did!!  The best kits were gone by the time the general public got in at 9 am.  We also got a wonderful early bird goodie bag that contained needles that we had planned to buy for $10!!

Turns out the sale is not necessarily a yearly event.  It has been several years since the last one.  I will be better prepared with planned projects and desired yarn if I go again.  I already have too many projects with its yarn in my queue so I didn’t really plan to buy much.  But the prices were indeed amazing so I wish I had planned definitely.

Of course we had a nice brunch together before heading back home.  I had never done road trips with anyone but my husband before finding this knitting group.  Hopefully even as our lives change, we will find time for each other.  I certainly would never have made this trip for the sale if it wasn’t for the four of us going together.