#39 Knit Companion

There is an app, Knit Companion, that is pretty handy for “storing” patterns.  The app lets you have a highlighter line for the line you are knitting which is easy to move down the pattern as you knit each line.  No more physically moving highlighter tape on your paper pattern.

It’s particularly helpful in two color knitting such as brioche because you can highlight the pattern lines in two colors to go with the two colors you are knitting in.  This is a helpful reminder to me which color I’m supposed to be using!!

It also lets you make notes on the pattern which is helpful to keep track of what you did as well as for future reference to help avoid making the same mistakes again.  (I also do this on my project page in Ravelry – and have gotten compliments on my good notes).

From knitting friends that use KC, I know it has many more features that I need to explore.  It has counters so I could stop using my counters that I put on the cable or my wrist abacus counter.  There are good tutorials that I need to watch so that I can get all the benefits of the app.  At $10 a year, I think it is quite a bargain.

The only negative to using the Knit Companion app is that my Kindle needs to be charged.  If the battery is low, then I can’t access my pattern.  This is why I always like to have a paper pattern as backup.  I have also had problems with the “project” suddenly no longer being able to open.  So now I’ve lost access to all my notes and where I am on the pattern.  I haven’t figured out how to save to DropBox which was KCs suggestion to my problem.  Also, now I have a new Kindle so the KC app says I’m not subscribed!!  I don’t want to buy a second subscription!!  In the short term, I’m going to have to use my old kindle as my knitting kindle so I can use the Knit Companion app.


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