#46. Prym Needles

While at Vogue Live in Columbus back in November, I bought a pair of circular Prym needles.  These are relatively new needles from a German company.  They are supposed to be better ergonomically.  They are extremely light weight thus easier on the hands and have a nodule at the top to reduce splitting the yarn while knitting.  I bought them specifically to go with a sweater kit I also bought at Vogue Live.  (Yes, I know you are supposed to swatch to find the needle and size to match the sweater gauge.  I have probably too much confidence but am adjusting the pattern to fit the gauge that I’m making with these size 6 prym needles.)

I do like how light weight they are.  The nodule tips though probably does make it harder to do M1Ls.  On the other hand I’m probably splitting the yarn less which made it easier to rip out 40 rows when the colors pooled poorly.

I haven’t done a gauge comparison.  One reviewer found her gauge larger with the prym needle versus knitters pride needles for the same size needle.  This actually could be a good thing as it’s an extra tool when trying to match the pattern gauge.

Unfortunately prym doesn’t sell 40cm circular needles which is the size I need for the sleeves.  Also the tips would need to be shorter in order to knit a smaller circumference.  Since this sweater involves stripes, I want to knit the arms at the same time I knit the body.  I don’t want to do my usual of knitting the body and then going back to do each arm.  So I plan to use my knitters pride dreamz size 6 needle for the arms.  The gauge may not be identical to the body but at least both arms will be the same.



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