#51. New Toy – Yarn Spinner/Butler/Unwinder

20200229_16030720200229_152610I absolutely love knitting toys (tools).  I confess that this purchase is due to an article that popped up in my news feed.(😣  So guilty.)  The knitting article talked about yarn twist while knitting.  So it recommended using a yarn “fill in the blank”.  Seems there is no consensus on what this tool is called.

It is apparently particularly good for yarn on cones.  My next sweater will be made from yarn on cones so I planned to buy it once I got back to Ohio.  But I felt I was getting twist in my yarn as I started to knit with my new Daisy yarn for my “Florida” top.  So I ordered one.  They are pretty cheap.  $10 if I could have waited a month, $15 for one in 2 days.  With corona virus disrupting everything from overseas, I went with the more expensive one; plus I could use it now.  So I’m not wasting a lot of money if it turns out I don’t like it.

The negative is that it pulls from the outside (which is why it helps prevent twists) so I can’t use my beloved yarn socks.  The article warned that I may need to add some slip resistant material to the bottom to help prevent tipping it over while pulling off yarn.  Right now I’m using a wooden serving tray to hold all my knitting stuff next to the couch I sit on so it’s very secure standing in the corner.  Will have to see if modifications are needed once I get to my home knitting nook.


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