#55 Zoom Knitting During Quarantine

I am so lucky to be living in this digital age during a pandemic.  We have basically been semi-quarantined since 3/18.  Now the full quarantine starts.  Ohio went to full quarantine on 3/22.  Florida started today, 4/3.  We are lucky to have been in Florida.  Even without the full quarantine of Ohio, all activities have been cancelled at the condo clubhouse since March 18.  The knitting group still got together on the 19th by the tennis courts but that was the last time for the Huntington Lakes knitting group.  The North Naples knitting group I was trying to start had to stop till next year when we come back.

So thank goodness for Zoom, a video conferencing website.  My Cincinnati group, JOHNs, started video calls in place of actual meetings on 3/21.  Before the Ohio quarantine but some folks no longer felt comfortable meeting in person.  My Naples crochet group also decided to try it.  In person meetings had been cancelled since 3/17.  So had our first video meeting on 3/27.

The Zoom sessions have gone very well.  Not as good as actually being together but a pretty good second choice.  We can still “show off” our work and catch up with each other.  There is no doubt this quarantine is going to be long and boring.  It has just been extended into May.  I won’t be surprised if it’s extended till June.  Being stuck at home with only each other gets boring.  So I look forward to my Saturday morning JOHN’s session and my Friday afternoon “crochet” session (I’m the only knitter).  I’m thankful that Grocery Girls do a live webcast on Thursday at 1pm.  So that’s some knitting time for three of the seven days.  I really need something to make one day different from the other and a chance to talk to someone besides Tom!!  With the quarantine, time seems to stand still.  A week feels like a month.  It’s going to be a long month but thank goodness for Zoom!!


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