#56 FibreShare

This was my first time to try FibreShare.  It is a global craft share that I heard about from a friend.  It’s a way to “regift” stash yarn as well as purchase new items for your “partner”.  You are paired with a person that is going to send you a gift and also a person that you are going to gift to.  They are not the same person.  I thought it would be fun.  It’s also a way to meet other knitters.

I did enjoy both receiving and giving.  I met two knitters, one from Connecticut (my giver) and one from San Diego (I gave to).  It was fun to find out about each other so that hopefully the package is tailored to the receiver.  My gifter did a wonderful job of sending yarns with an accompanying pattern.  She also sent me some stitch markers since I love them and peanut M&Ms since I also love snacking on them.  But I ended up keeping only one of the skeins of yarn.  The sock yarn she sent me was ok but I wasn’t excited by the colors so I passed it on in my package.  Also the cowl yarns were not colors I liked and the yarn was much thicker than I like.  I passed those on in a different stash share.  She did send me a beautiful fingering weight yarn with a lace shawl pattern that I will enjoy making.  The package I sent did probably exceed the $100 limit since I did regifting in it.   I spent $45 on new stuff then included items I already had on hand.

Truthfully, I don’t know that I’ll do it again.  It’s probably a good way to “destash”.  While the person gifting to me really tried to make me a great package, I’ve already bought so many knitting “toys” as I call them that I already had the circular needle protector she sent me and prefer the fabric ones I bought at VogueLive so it got regifted.  I already had a set of the cute yarn ball stitch markers and didn’t want a second set so it got regifted.  I do love the ity bity stitch markers she sent me.  So perfect for my sock making!!

The ladies that run the exchange do it three times a year.  I think at best I might consider doing it next year if I need to reduce some of the knitting stuff I’ve bought.  I appreciate it can be a way for knitters to connect.  But I’m happy with the knitting connections I have in Cincinnati and now in Naples.  I wasn’t looking to make new friends and the distance makes it “pen pals” at best.  But I’m glad I did it.


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