#58. Best Row Counter!

IMG_20200429_155913_087I’m so glad a knitting friend found these wonderful row counters by @twiceshearedsheep.  How freaking clever!!  This is absolutely perfect for my sweater knitting!!  I have been using a wrist abacus which is beautiful but I sometimes forget to advance the bead as I reach the BOR marker.

This is a simple string of beads from 1 to 0 with a loop prior to each number.  A pretty charm is at the bottom.  I’m my case it’s a bee with crystals on the wings but she has many choices.  I use it as my BOR marker.  Not in the picture is a pretty gold clip that I use as the tens counter so I know if I’m on ones, teens, twenties, etc.  I’ve added the red pin to track if it’s an increase (odd) row or not.  This one only fits up to size 4 needles so a second one that fits size 5-8 needles is in my near future.  (The charm I want is sold out so waiting till back in stock).I

I still use and like my cheap cylinder twist row counter that I got at Hobby Lobby for magic loop two at a time socks.  But this is a good example of how different knit projects need different tools.  It also shows the value of having knitting friends.  I have so many “tools” because a friend found it.  I’m also excited that after 3+ years of knitting I’m still finding new “toys”.


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