#62 Figuring Out Skeins Needed

20200803_172003I am terrible at figuring out how much yarn I need.  When I knit my Eyelet to Eyelet top I ended up needing an extra skein (4th) and frantically contacted the dyer trying to track down another skein.  Fortunately she had one to send me.

I also ordered 3 skeins of another yarn intending to make another top.  But as I knit the top, I started worrying that I’d again need a fourth.  Fortunately one of the LYS in my area just received a shipment of this yarn and they had the same color and dye lot!!!   So I ran over and bought the fourth.  Well, turns out that 3 skeins were indeed plenty for the top.  So now I had 1 ball of yarn.  Ugh.  What to do.

I haven’t tried mixing different brands of yarn in the same project so I’m not comfortable with that.  I finally decided to go back to the LYS and get 2 more skeins so that I can make a top for myself with the yarn.  The original plan was to make myself a summer top with the Sand color yarn.  When my daughter liked that color, I decided to use it to make her top.  So I’m not unhappy about buying more for a top for me.  I do have cream colored yarn, Quinoa from Berroco, for a top but this yarn is more of a tan so they are different both in color and texture.  I am determined though that the top will be 3 skeins and will make whatever modifications necessary to ensure I don’t need a fourth.


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