#63 Year of Projects Update – Aug 3

20200803_175907 I generated a 2020 knitting project plan (see post #45) at the beginning of the year.  So at 7 months into 2020, here’s a review of my progress.

My project list had 3 sweaters with a possible 4th, 4 pairs of socks, 2 shawls, and finishing a 2019 started sweater and pair of argyle socks.  So that’s 9 projects with a possible 10th plus finishing 2 2019 projects.  That’s 12 projects which is an aggressive target for me.

Socks:  Not too bad.  I’ve made one pair and added a pair of anklets.  I currently have two pair on needles and with make a third as these are gifts for my daughter’s former college roommates and their mother who allowed her to live with them while she completed a clinical rotation in Boston.  I also still hope to get a pair of Christmas socks knit this fall.  So that would be 6 sets of socks versus a target of 5.  I have decided to delay my Argyle socks until it’s possible to meet in person.  I was struggling with making argyle socks so I want to wait until I can get help from my friend that taught the class and/or another friend that took the class and successfully completed a pair.

Sweaters:  Not bad.  I’ve ended up substituting summer tops for some of the sweaters since wintering in Florida has reduced my need for sweaters.  So far I’ve completed the sweater I carried over from 2019 and two summer tops.  I’ve started a sweater which would complete my goal of 4 sweaters.  I still hope to complete a 5th by the end of the year.

Shawls:  Not a big priority for me since I don’t really wear them.  I did substitute a cowl to go with the 2019 sweater I finished.

Bottomline:  I’m decently on track although I do need to focus so that I can get the socks and sweaters finished.  I have so many projects waiting to be knit that I need to stop piddling away time and get more knitting done.


16 thoughts on “#63 Year of Projects Update – Aug 3

  1. So glad to see you are joining YOP year 10. It is nice to have another person living in a warmer climate. I am in Arizona and we seldom need more than a cardigan in the winter time to stay warm. Shawls are my go to knit and crochet item as they seem to work the best for me here. I will enjoy following your blog. Also, I love the photo of your craft room. It is very welcoming.


  2. Wow, what a list? I love a good list and that is definitely one! Your progress so far is amazing , well done. What sweater are you working on at the moment?


  3. Sounds like a busy next 5 months, I’ve never even seen a hand knit argyle sock so that will be interesting to see when you eventually come to doing it. I have friends who would love to overwinter somewhere warm. I love snow, so if I were going to over winter somewhere I think it would be the alps or one of the Nordic countries.


    1. I NEVER thought I’d want to winter in Florida but had such a wonderful time this past winter that I’m really looking forward to this winter. I don’t go outside when it’s cold or wet so I got much more exercise being in Florida.

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  4. I am very impressed with your knitting plan, surely just looking at it must spur you one! I root for you to finish your sweaters, I am a sweater person, though I agree Florida isn’t the most suitable climate for woolies!


  5. I thought I had already commented here! I love your spreadsheet and you have done s well I look forward to seeing your progress over the course of the year.


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