#64 Rearranging Knitting Nook


I am lucky to have a wonderful “nook” off our “toy room”.  We finished the area above our garage to be a “toy room” for our kids while they were growing up.  The kids are grown so I’ve taken over the “nook” that used to house their tv, movie videos (then CDs) and eventually video games.  I had a small TV in the corner but this week I “upgraded” by putting my oldest son’s TV, that he left behind when he moved to Florida, just outside the nook thus making my knitting nook a little bigger!!  As you can see when I took this picture, I was enjoying this week’s Grocery Girls YouTube Live broadcast.  I am loving my wall of yarn, candles, and pictures.

Many of the wooden boxes are actually crates that wine came in.  For the two boxes on the left (one fits nicely under a small endtable), I use the cardboard dividers between the wine bottles to be dividers for the skeins of yarn.  This is where all my single skeins (socks) of yarn go.  In the middle and to the right you see my many “prepackaged” sets of yarn for projects in my queue.  When I buy yarn I do like to have a project in mind.  It doesn’t stop me from changing my mind but at least I have a starting point of what I was thinking when I bought the yarn.  I print out the Ravelry page of the pattern and put it with the yarn in a zippered clear bag.

Under the window you can see the quilted bag that I use to hold my current project, the Amrum sweater.  https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/amrum  You can even see the green knitting sticking out the top of the bag.  I adore this space.  The colors of my yarn plus all the wood is so cozy.  I have a lovely window to enjoy the trees on our property (we live in the woods). I feel “snug as a bug”.

Check out my queue on Ravelry if you want to see my plans for all this yarn. 🙂


I did do a little knitting this week too.  I’m making progress on the second pair of Fixation socks I’m knitting.  I’m going to have my daughter do a “test fit” before I make the heel.  I’m pretty sure I made the foot too long on the first pair of Fixation socks and I’m expecting to have to rip out the leg and heel to reduce the foot half and inch.  Fortunately with the thicker Fixation yarn, it doesn’t take long to knit the socks (if I focus).  In the mean time I’ve enjoyed getting back to knitting my Amrum sweater.  As long as it’s done by October, I’ll be happy.  One of those project bags on the shelf is a Sailormoon sweater that I want to start by October.

Mask Making

When 2020 started I had no idea how many masks I’d be making.  I don’t particularly like to sew but I do have a 30 year old machine that gets used occasionally to fix a seam.  After making masks for everyone in my family that wanted one, I’ve started making masks for my church to give out.  We are using the fabric that would normally be used by our quilting group.  Just this week I have 11 children’s masks and 9 adult masks ready to be dropped off.  This morning I cut the fabrics to make 9 more children’s masks and 9 more adult masts.





14 thoughts on “#64 Rearranging Knitting Nook

  1. I love your knitting nook, so light and cosy looking. I’m a super fan of the Grocery Girls podcast, I am very like Jodi and often she says things I’m thinking or have heard myself say. It’s been so lovely them doing almost weekly videos, they are great company for a couple of hours. It is probably just as well I live in the UK otherwise I would be buying loads of the things they show. Sounds like you are all set up ready to get back to Amrum…an interesting name I will look the word up and see what it means.

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  2. Your knitting nook is lovely. I am in the process of reclaiming a bedroom (grown daughters have their own homes now). I want it to be a guest room with a couch/bed so I can go up there to knit or read. I just love rearranging my craft space.

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  3. Your knitting nook is so cozy! I’ve been working on my crafts room for a while now. It does help to have things organized when you want to start a new project. Can’t wait to see your sweater and your socks!

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  4. What a great idea to make masks to give out at church. I have a feeling adults will get a kick out of the fabric as much as the kids do. I love your nook, too. All that wood is so pretty.

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