#66. Stitch Marker Holders and Socks

Part of the fun of knitting is having fun knitting toys. I found a colorful, and cheap, way to hold all my O-ring stitch markers. I use these as stitch count markers and use different colors to designate different parts of a sweater (front, back, right sleeve, left sleeve). These are pill containers so they are sold in the health section of my local mass market store. I have one for my small rings and one for my medium and large rings. Since I mainly knit with size 4 or smaller needles, I mainly use the small rings. Thus I have more colors of the small rings. It’s easy to drop the cylinder in my knitting bag when I travel. Since they screw together, I can chose to pack anywhere from 1 to all 7 of the containers depending on how many colors I think I’ll need while away from my knitting nook.

As far as projects go …. this week I did finish one pair of socks. I finished the cuff and ripped out the toes as the foot was too long. I took out about 1/2″ and then reknit the toes. So these are ready to gift. I also completed the foot and heel on the second pair. Now it’s straight forward to knit the leg and get them finished. I have one more pair of these to make before I can send the 3 pairs of socks to the family that hosted my daughter last spring. I warned them that they wouldn’t be ready until Christmas.

I continue to make progress on my Amrum sweater. Apparently Amrum is a German island in the German North Sea. That makes sense since the pattern designer is German. Seeing how we just spent 2 wks this summer at a friend’s beach house followed by spending last weekend at a beach house near my daughter, it is appropriate I’m making a sweater named after a tourist beach island.


8 thoughts on “#66. Stitch Marker Holders and Socks

  1. I like the stripy socks, was this commercial yarn? I’d like to knit my dad some stripy socks with narrow stripes. You markers holder is genius! I’m forever fishing around trying to find colours, I put them in alphabetical order of their colour on a garment, I.e. blue, green, orange, yellow. I like your idea too though.

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  2. Wow, those stitch marker containers are really cool! If they had those at my local store I would but a bunch of them in a heartbeat. I also really like your socks. I see in a previous comment that they are largely cotton, I need to see if I can get that brand near me because my father and sister have very sensitive skin and they find wool too prickly.

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  3. That is a wonderful idea to hold stitch markers and progress keepers too. I’ll have to keep an eye out for those. Your socks look wonderful and I might have to try that yarn. You are definitely an ‘enabler’! LOL! Have a great week and stay well!

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  4. Your craft area is looking great. Did I miss. you finishing it? Or did I project my working on it onto you. Clever for the stitch markers and your fixation socks look great. With that stretchy yarn better to err on a wee bit short than too long for sure.

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