Ravelry Disappointment

I really enjoy using Ravelry. I even sent emails praising the site when there was a bunch of backlash against the new website remodel. I am one that tends to keep notes as I’m knitting my projects. I’m learning to do a better job of reporting my gauge so that in the future I know what needle and yarn creates what gauge. I don’t tend to update stash very much as I try to have projects already identified for yarn when I purchase it. Thus I don’t need to “stash dive” when I find a pattern I want to knit.

I also check out “hot right now” patterns on almost a daily basis. I look for free patterns to add to my library as well as purchasing several that I’ve got in my queue. Image my surprise and disgust when on Friday I saw a “hot right now” pattern that used a disgusting curse word to describe police officers in the pattern title. The pattern description goes on to denigrate police officers. I knew the staff was quite liberal since one of the original operators is transgender going from Casey when the site started to now Cassidy. The site has labeled all conservative stance as “hate speech”. But apparently it’s acceptable to denegrate police officers.

This is so contrary to what I thought Ravelry is supposed to be, accepting of everyone, not making generalizations, etc. Yet when I posted a question about why Ravelry was allowing this pattern, my post got taken down by the administrators. The pattern on the other hand is still in the “hot right now” list. So for me this means I will no longer purchase patterns through Ravelry. Thankfully Ravelry does allow me to block designers so I no longer have to see this disgusting pattern when I visit the site.


9 thoughts on “Ravelry Disappointment

  1. Your reaction was exactly what mine was. I was disappointed to see that pattern and a few others that I won’t mention. I believe Ravelry has the right to run their site how they wish and I have the right to spend my money elsewhere. It’s really sad that a website intended to bring people from all over the world together has become so unwelcoming to a segment of the population when they claim to be so open and inclusive.

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  2. Being married to a retired law enforcement officer has been my joy for over 44 years. We know that not all cops are angels but to label all cops as bad or evil is so very wrong. Ravelry has had an issue with anyone who does not believe as they do. All Trump supporters were labels as white supremacists and bigots a while back. I use ravelry for the YOP group and I do obtain patterns from there. I tried to completely stop using them other than for the YOP group but had such a hard time finding the patterns for CALs and KALs anywhere else but there. If you find a place where those happen other than on Ravelry, please post about it. I am following your blog so I am notified when a new post is up. I have no use for Ravelry other than the YOP group at this time.

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    1. I agree. My intent is to use Ravelry as long as it meets MY needs such as recording my projects, finding patterns, finding alternative yarns, etc. Truthfully being part of YOP does meet this requirement. Have to think on this.


  3. I don’t understand what is happening at Ravelry the last few months. With their approach to the accessibility and now this, there’s some very mixed messaging. However for me it’s a really useful tool and I will continue to use it.

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    1. Agree. I plan to continue to use as long as it fits MY needs and doesn’t provide financial support. Thank you for deleting that comment on my post. How do those hateful people even find my posts??


  4. I checked 4 pages of “hot right now” and couldn’t find it but I believe you all….I just don’t know what they said. I’ve not seen anything but then I’m usually only on there on Sunday’s for YOP.

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    1. I’m hoping the staff finally took it down. I couldn’t find it today either but I don’t know if that’s because I blocked it. It was back on Aug 28 that it was Hot Right Now. I can appreciate that my comments asking about it getting removed was due to unpaid moderators versus Ravelry staff.


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