Advent Calendar and Shellseeker Started

Santa and Mrs. Claus got their mitts delivered this week. My knitting friends got their advent calendars delivered Saturday. And I got my 12 Day Advent Calendar from Wool Interrupted!!! I’ve decide I’ll open the bags of minis from Dec 13 thru Dec 24 when I’ll get to open the full skein. I’ve hung the bags from a cord across my knitting nook so it makes a Christmas decoration hence the decision to wait to start opening till the 13th. Plus I don’t plan to knit them right away so there isn’t a hurry.

We had a nice Thanksgiving. We sat spaced out sitting 8 at our table for 14. The 3 boys living in Cincinnati attended in person (one lives with us so already part of our bubble). 3 others attended via Zoom. Better than nothing and since they don’t live in town it’s not like we would have got to see them even without Covid. We wore masks much of the afternoon, opened windows for additional ventilation and sat far apart. We designed our home with cathedral ceilings and no interior walls on the main floor so it’s easy to be spaced apart. Hubby dished out the food so no buffet line. Now fingers crossed it worked and no one develops Covid. Sadly our daughter in Charleston, SC has it but so far it’s limited to loss of smell and taste.

I did cast-on my Shellseeker sweater so a WIP for 2021. Hoping 3rd time is a charm because I keep twisting it. Finally pinned the edges together hoping I don’t end up twisting again. 😝 I don’t like the boat collar the pattern calls for so I’m doing a small (4 rows) of K1P1 rib. I had to go up 4 needle sizes as I’m using a smaller weight yarn. But I want a more open fabric for warmer weather wear. As with hers, I’m going to make ever increasing stripe widths from top to bottom alternating between 3 colors. This has been on my list to make for over a year so I’m glad to finally start it.

Christmas decorations come out today. Bought a smaller, prelit tree this year since we won’t be having parties or family gatherings. Also, we are getting too old to be climbing a ladder and reaching to decorate a 10′ tree.


7 thoughts on “Advent Calendar and Shellseeker Started

  1. What a clever way to display your advent packages. Sounds like your Thanksgiving was a good one. We were only with 3 other people and they have been in our bubble since this all started. So we all feel pretty safe from the evil virus. Sorry to hear your daughter has it. Hopefully just the taste and smell with be her only issue. Your new sweater……..I already like the colors you are using and thing the more open fabric will be nice for warmer days.

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  2. Cute way of displaying your advent packages. YOur sweater is coming along and so pretty. I hope it works out for you. Your Thanksgiving sounded nice and safe. I hope your daughter recovers quickly with no side affects. Stay safe and stay well!

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  3. So great you have to look forward to openng your advent parcels and can enjoy the anticipation before then by admiring your display of parcels! My best is being sent to your daughter that she recovers quickly.

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