#80 YOP Update – Shellseeker Sweater, Yarn Buying, and Florida Packing

I’m enjoying knitting my shellseeker. You would think that would motivate me to be more focused on my knitting but you would be wrong, unfortunately. I still piddle away too much time. I love the yarn I’m using , Berroco Summer Silk. It’s so soft. So it’s a pleasure to knit. The pattern is pretty braindead so it’s not a taxing knit. Still I get distracted. Plus with Christmas that means taking time to address and send Christmas cards and do some online Christmas shopping.

I think I greatly over purchased yarn for my Shellseeker so I’m going to have to come up with another striped project to use up the remaining yarn. Hmm, now that hubby is on blood thinners he actually needs and does wear sweaters. Something to think about. The photo shows how the stripes are coming. I used an excel sheet to look at and decide how many and what width to make the stripes as I increase the stripe width from top to bottom. It was nice to look at how the stripes would progress using different options. I’m glad I did it as I was able to see I wasn’t going to like the striping of my original plan.

My knitting friends are indeed loving their advent calendars. I’m so happy!!

No photo description available.

I’ll blame it on my local knitting friends….. I ordered more yarn. We were discussing Simply Socks Yarn Co. which led to checking out their website which led to seeing sock yarn on sale. Three of us combined our order to get free shipping and well…. more yarn is on it’s way. Hopefully I’ll get to share next week. If you haven’t watched the latest Grocery Girls podcast watch out. It’s 3 hours of them sharing their favorite yarns and notions. So now I’ve found another yarn company to checkout, Rose Hill Yarns.

I’ve started my knitting project packing for our 3 month stay in Florida. Besides finishing my Shellseeker and a pair of socks I already have on needles, I’m taking yarn for a summery top, for another sweater (Sailormoon), for a shrug, and 2 more pairs of socks – all for me. Plus I’ll take the yarn for my daughter’s top as well. We will likely visit her on the drive back north the end of March so it would be nice to have it done. There is no way I will complete that many projects but it will be nice to have choices.

Ok, enough piddling. Time to get back to my Shellseeker knitting.


10 thoughts on “#80 YOP Update – Shellseeker Sweater, Yarn Buying, and Florida Packing

  1. The shellseeker is great. Love those stripes. Isn’t it amazing how we can find ourselves piddling away time that we could be spending on our projects? I have just spend 6 hours doing “stuff” when I could have been knitting on my shawl. I don’t know if I could pack fiber for 3 months. Of course, there is always LYS or online yarn shops if one needs more or different yarn, right? Your new yarn is pretty. Smart idea to combine your orders to avoid shipping costs.

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  2. I love the colours you’ve chosen for your Shellseeker, those beach blues are perfect for it…like a sunny day sky and the sea and waves, lovely. Well I always watch the Grocery Girls and did watch the almost 3 hour episode and also found some new to me companies but they were in the US. The Plank and Stella website was rammed full of gorgeous yarns I would LOVE to knit with but postage to the UK just makes it too much money, but I live in hope that I am one of their 10 winners…a girl’s got to dream. 🙂 Did you post a comment in their Ravelry post to enter? At the moment I have a 1 in 3,232 chance of winning…hmm actually those odds are for if there was 1 gift prize and there’s 10…so the odds are improved already lol

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    1. HaHa. Yes I noticed LOTS more posts on this giveaway. Agree on shipping. I have to avoid in opposite direction. There were lots of advent calendars from the UK but too expensive once shipping included. For me the lower value of the Canadian dollar makes Rose Hill almost cheap.

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  3. i stay away from the grocery girls’ podcast – I don’t want to be tempted to buy more yarn! I love the colours you have chosen for the shellseeker. Lovely.
    I am glad your advent boxes were so well received. Your knitterly friends are lucky.

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  4. Your Shellseeker is pretty! What a great name – especially if you can wear it in Florida. I’d sure have trouble picking out three months worth of projects to take. Knowing me, I’d get there and not want to do any of what I packed, so it would be off to the yarn store to buy something new. Why is that?!? If I forgot and left it at home, I’d be missing it terribly. I am so fickle sometimes.


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