#81 Christmas bits and Sweater

My stepson asked me if I could repair his childhood teddy bear not understanding the difference between knitting and crochet. Sadly I’m only a knitter. It is a very worn and well loved teddy bear so finding yarn to match would be impossible. So I got out my trusty thread and needle to stitch the foot closed. Then to draw attention away from all the gapping holes on the body and arms as the yarn has stretched I suspect due to multiple washings, I knit a scarf. The scarf helps hold up the head as well. I hope he will be happy with it. My husband found his baby book while cleaning out the garage last week. What a baby book was doing in the garage we have no idea. So I think I will give him his baby book and teddy bear at Christmas. The baby book is extra special since his mother died when he was 11. I suspect there will be lots of tears.

It’s the 13th so I get to start opening my yarn advent calendar!! Today’s mini is a slate blue. I was never a mini person other than the mini’s Lollipop yarn includes with her self striping sock yarn skein. But now I have a set of 12 to match the minis I put in my friends” advent calendars and I’ll get 11 minis with my advent calendar. One of my 2021 projects, I’ll be sharing the plan as my first post of January, is to knit the Advent 2019 socks from Ravelry (https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/advent-socks-2019) . I will be working on them periodically over the months of 2021 with the intent of having them done by December 2021. I need to plan the colors that I will use for each stripe so that I can pack the needed minis for my extended stay in Florida.

Advent mini

Finally besides the little scarf for the teddy bear, I’ve worked on my “shellseeker” sweater. It’s really not the shellseeker pattern since I changed the neck, use the wrong thickness of yarn, do increasing stripe width instead simply doing 2 row widths for each stripe, and won’t do the pouch pocket on the front. The only feature from shellseeker that I’m doing is the faux darts. For shellseeker, these lines of k2tog and ssk created the lines where the front pocket pouch attached. For me they are the decorative feature. Since it’s basically a stockinette sweater, it’s an easy knit.

Less than 2 weeks till Christmas!! Hope you shopping is going well. Due to Covid we will keep it small and skip our usual traditions of attending church services and dining out. I’m very thankful that our local public radio station and playhouse will broadcast a 1 hr radio play of Scrooge Christmas Eve. It’s a one man play done by the actor that has performed as Scrooge at the playhouse for the past 15 years. https://www.wvxu.org/post/playhouse-park-brings-christmas-carol-wvxu-0#stream/0


8 thoughts on “#81 Christmas bits and Sweater

  1. You came up with a fabulous idea on saving Mr Bear. I am sure he will be very happy. Your minis are so pretty and colorful. They will make great socks. The non-shell seeker is moving right on. I do like the colors you have chosen for it.

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  2. My childhood bear was a panda bear called NoNo. He’s had so many different nose surgery repairs he looks quite odd but I still have him and was always grateful when my mum repaired him for me, so I’m certain your stepson will be too.

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  3. I have some sewing repairs to make on my childhood teddy bear. You did a great job considering you’re not a crocheter. I am but there’s not really any “darning” you can do in crochet. I think you did the right thing. So sweet about the book too…..he will love it.
    Your sweater is awesome. I love the stripes. I saved the Advent Socks as they are gorgeous! I’ve not done colorwork but I sure want to now! Enjoy your winter in Florida!

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    1. I haven’t done colorwork either and thought the socks would be a good way to try. Ripping out won’t be so painful. On the otherhand,aI little worried about all those floating strands when putting on the socks. Have to see. Also need to check with my better knitting friends before I start. I think I’m supposed to go up a size needle when doing colorwork .


  4. I am sure there will be tears – that teddy with his repairs and new scarf is so sweet. Your shell seeker is really coming along and We too will be having a quieter, simpler Christmas with no midnight service – I will try to find one to zoom into. I like the idea of your radio play. We always like watching A Christmas Carol with Alistair Sims on Christmas Eve, or Christmas Day. We have the DVD if we can’t find it on the cable channels.

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