#84. 2021 Knitting Plan

Planning is so much fun! It’s the execution I struggle with but here goes. This year I did my traditional excel calendar form of plan. I learn by pictures so a list doesn’t work for me. I need a map, not a list of streets. But I will provide my plan as a list here in this blog since that’s easier in this format.

Additionally this year I’m trying using a calendar program just for my knitting. I will still have a Google calendar for all my personal activities but I downloaded Jorte on my kindle to use only for tracking knitting projects. I have each project with its cast-on date and estimated completion date in my calendar. I used color highlighting for each project and thus can see how the projects overlap each month. I will be able to easily assess my predicted cast-ons and completions vs actual. Unfortunately the calendar maximum display is a month when I’d like to see the full year. I’ll see if this provides any benefit to me or do I need excel to better “see” the full year. I’m suspecting excel will continue to be the preferred way for me to “see” my plan but part of the fun is trying new techniques – including project management.

And of course on the last days of 2020 I got new project inspiration. A knitting friend turned a striped sweater, Poison Oak on Ravelry, into a “temperature” project!! How fun! I’m not really into blankets or shawls, but a sweater….!!! Plus I love stripes; plus I love the shape of Poison Oak; plus it would be a fun way to use some of the minis I got this past advent…. Oh crap, something is coming off to do this sweater. Roselle Tee you are so 2022!

2021 KNITTING PLAN – Year of the Sweater (again)

Hats/Gloves – 1
I’ll be attempting to recreate a hat that a friend got from her German cousins. I’ve never knit a hat before.
* “German” Hat

Socks – 4
I plan to make 2 pairs of socks for myself using beautiful self striping yarns. I plan to make a pair of Christmas themed socks for my daughter’s boyfriend. The yarn is called Gingerbread House so it has lots of brown making it more masculine. The fourth pair is a pair of “advent” socks. The plan is to make a stripe pattern or two per month completing the socks by advent 2021. It will be my first time to knit colorwork. Plus I have a carryover vanilla sock to finish.
* WIP – Halloween Fixation Socks
* Hermione Quirky Socks
* Scatterby Harvest Socks
* Syncopation Gingerbread Socks
* Advent Socks

Sweaters/Tee – 6
I plan to make the Arisa Tee for myself and the Biscuit Tee for my daughter. I also plan to make the Sailormoon sweater for myself and a second for my daughter. The fifth sweater will be the 2020 HiLo (Poison Oak) sweater that I’m so excited about. Hopefully I’ll also knit a basic stockinette sweater for my hubby. Plus I have the nonShellseeker carried over.
* WIP – nonShellseeker
* Arisa Tee
* Biscuit Tee
* Sailormoon – Me
* Sailormoon – Sara
* 2020 HiLo (Poison Oak
* Men’s Sweater

I already have all the yarn for these projects as well as the yarn for several 2022 sweaters and socks. But I know that won’t stop me from buying yarn at next year’s Wool Festival in Sept or a visit to SimplySock for a girls weekend we are planning. An advantage to having worked for 33 years is that my hubby can’t complain about my knitting purchases (not that he would).

Personal Note

2021 is off to a fantastic start!!! My daughter called a little after midnight New Years to inform us she had just gotten engaged to her boyfriend of 4 years. It was a complete surprise to her (and us). We just saw them for 2 days earlier in the week on our way down to Florida. She completed her medical education in 2020 and started a fulltime job as a physical therapist so she is ready for the next stage of life.

18 thoughts on “#84. 2021 Knitting Plan

  1. What a wonderful Christmas – congratulations to your daughter! Your list looks lovely and the temperature sweater sounds fab, something I would like!

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  2. You have a lovely plan for this year in the knitting department. I had never thought of using an excel spreadsheet to keep track of my projects. I have been doing it by hand for many years. Congratulations to your daughter and soon to be son in law. How exciting for all of you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As an engineer, an excel sheet has been part of my life for a long time. I use them to track how much I spend on my kids college educations, our finances, what I buy for Christmas, etc.


  3. What a great collection of knitting goals! I haven’t picked-out (or designed) my items yet- you are way ahead of the curve in organizing.

    I have often considered using project management software for my creative projects (from yarn to pattern). But I guess using an excel spreadsheet is just as effective and I could start working on it TODAY.

    Happy your new year is off to a good start!

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    1. THANKS THANKS THANKS again for your sock pattern!! I can’t wait to knit it up. I started working on my plan for 2021 a month ago but it changed every few days which it continues to do – see change in sock pattern 😉


  4. Congratulations to your daughter….lovely list….although I have a list…I’m pretty willy-nilly about it…I just start anything that catches my fancy…but luckliy I’m not big on the “popular” patterns…I’ve made a few, but usually way after everyone else..

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  5. Those are some wonderful projects you have planned! And a temperature sweater sounds fun. Congrats on having a son-in-law-soon-to-be. Such happy news is a great way to start of the new year. 🙂

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  6. Such exciting news from your daughter! Congrats to her (and you, I think we should get some credit when our kids meet milestones!) And I have never heard the idea of a temperature sweater but it makes sense and I’m off to check on Ravelry/Google to see what the Poison Oak looks like. And it’s a neat idea about planning using a calendar view. Your analogy of a map vs. a list of streets is a great one.

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  7. Congratulations to your daughter! What a fun way to start the year. I also have to say I am impressed by your knitting calendar. I’ve never actually knitted anything, but know people who love it, and they make such wonderful things. I found your blog through a comment you left on Pat’s Retirement Transition blog. Best wishes to you in 2021!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you found me! I just started knitting after I retired. By taking classes I have met the best friends of my life. I now get to take “girls weekends”. Plus it has allow me to make friends easily in my winter home of Naples Fl. Knitting has been the best thing I’ve ever done. I encourage you to try it especially if you have a local yarn shop that gives classes.


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