#87 Knitting Plan Update #3

This week I ended up knitting more on my “non” shellseeker sweater than I thought. I keep putting off starting my daughter’s top. I know I’m a bit concerned that I know what I’m doing since it starts out knitted flat for the yoke and then stitches are picked up to turn it into knitting in the round for the body. I hate picking up stitiches and generally avoid those patterns. But I finally started swatching. The yarn couldn’t be more lovely to knit. The wool/bamboo fiber is sooo soft and the subtle sheen is gorgeous. I like that the dye didn’t absorb absolutely evenly giving the yarn a very slight variegated quality. Hopefully I”ll have more progress than a swatch by next week.

Swatch for Sara Top

I finished the cuff on my advent socks. I ran out of the first yarn so half the cuff is the white with black speckle and the bottom half is purple. I like it. Starting the first stripe is on hold. Unfortunately I realized that the white yarn I planned to use in several of the stripe patterns is too thick – more of a DK versus fingering. So I ordered some white sock yarn that should arrive this week. It was on clearance at the website so shipping cost as much as the yarn!! I think I’m going to have to track my shopping. Sure seems that I buy something for knitting almost every week!!

Cuff of Advent Sock

Reknitting my non-shellseeker has worked out well as a TV and social knitting project thus it’s getting good attention. I’ll be working on it as I watch the football games Sunday. After I finish the dark grey stripe on the body I’ll move to wider stripes but only a 50% increase (from 8 rows to 12 rows) instead of the 100% increase I did last time. You can still see the 100% increase on my sleeves as they still have to be ripped back.

Redo Non-Shellseeker Sweater


With my daughter getting engaged, I’ve decided to try my hand at making a Christmas ball ornament and making my own chart!!?? I hope to make her a basic knitted ball ornament that simply says Engaged with the year. Hmm, now that I think about it, I should make wedding ornaments for my son and step-daughter who got married over the past 2 years. This plan really is blowing up quickly!! 🙂 All good.


A treat this week was getting together with two sorority sisters that I hadn’t seen in over 40 years!!! Who could image that after going to college in Indiana that we’d meet again 40+ years later in Naples, FL. We are all snowbirding. What a wonderful outdoor lunch we had by the ocean with our hubbies.

Zeta Sisters

12 thoughts on “#87 Knitting Plan Update #3

  1. Think of it as you doing your bit to support the economy by spending on knitting. All part of the greater good 😉. The mint coloured yarn has a lovely sheen to it, I’m sure that will be a lovely project. I like the 2 colour cuff, these are going to be fun socks to watch.

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  2. I would never ever be able to stick to a planner, so I do admire you for that!
    The green you are sampling for the top is just one of my favourite colours, so I will be watching your progress with particular interest!

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  3. Your swatch for Sara’s sweater is such a lovely color of green. It looks like it has great stitch definition too. She is a very lucky girl to have you as her mother. The socks are so pretty. Of course, purple is my all time favorite color. As for buying sock yarn. I was told sock yarn does not count as ‘stash’ or as buying yarn. But I am sure the company you ordered from is thrilled to have your business. Every little bit helps all those involved. The non-shell seeker sweater looks great with the way you are doing the strips this time. A bit more subtle of an increase as they progress. Home made Christmas ornaments are such lovely gifts. Especially if they commemorate a special event. How fun to have met up with your Zeta sisters. Looks like you all had a great time together.

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  4. Oooh… I do like these stripes in your non-shellseeker sweater. You made a good decision. And it’s really coming along! What a great picture of you and your sorority sisters. How fun to meet up with them.

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  5. You are brave to take your sweater apart! Your Sara’s Top yarn is really pretty. I love that shade of green. Your socks are going to be so cute. I haven’t tried 2 at a time like that. Thank you for the knitting plan! I think I will set up one like it for all my crafty projects….and one for cleaning too….can’t forget that! I love the picture of you with your “sisters”. You all look very youthful! What fun! Have a great week!

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    1. Joining a sorority was practical for me. As a “co-op” student, I worked every other semester. It would have been impossible to rent an off campus apartment for half a year or make friends only being in a dorm for half a year. Added bonus was the woman in the center of the picture was #1 in the ChE class ahead of me. Fantastic tests and lab reports for me to study!!


  6. I’m not usually a fan of pastel colored yarns but that mint green is divine with such a lovely sheen! I can’t wait to see that FO.

    Lovely picture of and your sorority sisters … it’s really wonderful to have friendships that last so long and remain so close.

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