#88 Knitting Goodies & ’21 Plan Update

I joked in last week’s post about my buying of knitting supplies and indeed it has continued this week too. My coming to Florida has definitely resulted in weekly purchases. Week 1: I discovered that I forgot my stitch counting o-ring markers so I ordered a new set. Week 2: I ripped out my sweater and ordered a new sweater project bag as “retail therapy”. Week 3: I ordered white sock yarn when I discovered the white yarn I’d brought for my advent socks was the wrong thickness. I ordered red as well to use for berries and poinsettias. Week 4: I ordered a wooden yarn bowl as I needed something to hold the rewound balls while reknitting my “non” shellseeker sweater. I’m curious to see what I’ll decide I need in Week 5…. I do have a hole in a sock that needs darning……and I do like those darning eggs…..

I’m happy to report that Twice Sheered Sheep stands by their products and thus sent me a replacement for the row counter that broke. I have found these row counters essential as it has been the only row counter that really works for me. This time I got the cute ladybug as the charm at the end of the counter. The cat charm was cute but the tail would catch on my knitting.

Row Counter

This week I worked on my “non” shellseeker and I made a little progress on my daughter’s top. Even though the lace panel is a pretty simple pattern, I’ve found I need to concentrate. Trying to knit while watching Grocery Girls’ youtube resulted in having to rip out rows.


A friend shared her plan for 2021. In addition to project goals, she included some knitting goals such as learning a new knitting technique. I decided to add goals to my plan. Indeed I already had some projects in my plan that reflected my knitting goals, such as my colorwork advent socks, but I like having the flexibility to change a project while still meeting a goal.

  • Make something brioche
  • Track number of stitches knitter per day/Develop progress keeper habit
  • Track stitches per project so as to set stitches goals as well as project goals
  • Make a hat
  • Make something with colorwork
  • Make Ravelry Queue match Knitting Plan
  • Clean out Ravelry Favorites

Also this week I volunteered as a sample knitter for AGirlAndHerWool. I love her premise of selling her skeins the size you want instead of 50g or 100gr only. Thus you order just the amount of yarn you need to knit a pair of socks for example. I saw a blog post of her 2020 Advent calendar yarns and can’t wait to order her 2021 one. So if I get asked to do a sample knit, that will get substituted into my plan.

12 thoughts on “#88 Knitting Goodies & ’21 Plan Update

  1. You obtained some lovely “necessities” over the past few weeks. The project bag is a keeper. What a cute pattern it has on it. I live that type of row counter. I have a lkama for my charm and yes, the yarn catches on it. Next one will have a smoother charm. Your daughter’s sweater is so pretty. You have some great plans to add to your 2021 plan. Goid luck tracking stitches. I have a friend who did that while knitting socks. It surprised me to find out socks have 20,000 stitches on average!

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    1. Thanks. I do love luminaries so I see it as more of a winter bag than a Christmas bag. I am so happy with the sheen of the mint green yarn. I know she will love the top when I get it done. I keep beating myself up about knitting sweaters so slow. I’m hoping tracking stitch count will help me appreciate that I’m knitting 2 sweaters for every 1 worsted weight sweater someone else knits.


  2. It seems to me everything you bought was useful and the yarn is a souvenir of your trip…so all is good ๐Ÿ™‚ The additions to your list look like a good idea. I toy with the idea of counting stitches but I struggle enough to remember to update Ravelry on start and end dates and realised on today’s post I’d forgotten 2 x cup cosies I’d knit this week as well! The ladybird charm on the counters is very sweet and doesn’t look like it will have the catching issues so that’s a great swap. I look forward to reading about your next purchase next Sunday ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    1. They are fantastic. I don’t have the tools. I tried to make some numbered stitch markers once but the wire kept coming undone and catching on my yarn. I ended up buying some from Twice Sheared.


  3. In my opinion, you had to do what you needed to do so all those purchases are indeed necessities.

    Your knitting projects are growing well (despite the frogging on the mint green one) and I look forward to next week’s updates

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  4. What fun supplies you’ve obtained recently and all for good reasons! ๐Ÿ™‚ And what a great idea A Girl And Her Wool has – to sell yarn by the amount needed! That’s revolutionary!

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  5. I have a couple yarn bowls, and I do really like them! Both are ceramic which makes me feel nervous about breaking them. Perhaps a wooden one will be in my future!

    You could effectively have doubles of tools. Some in each home! That way you don’t need to cart them back and forth.

    Also, I love the idea of being able to buy the length of yarn you need for a project.

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    1. Confession – I tried carrying my ceramic bowl in my quilted knitting bag and noticed that the ceramic at the sheep’s nose chipped off despite my trying to be careful. I’m glad to have a portable wooden one. We rent in Florida (at least so far) although I plan to ask the owner if we can leave some items since we are renting the same place next year.


  6. Shop all you want, you deserve it. I love that ceramic bowl. I’d love one, too, but I’m afraid the cats might push it off the table, and that wouldn’t be nice. I might get a wooden one, though.

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