2/12ths Update (Feb) and Knitting Planners/Journals??

SECOND FO of 2021!!!

FINALLY finished my “non” shellseeker sweater. Definitely like it MUCH better with narrower stripes. Glad to finally have it off my needles. I have now finished both 2020 carryover WIPS. Looking forward to my next sweater project. But first, I have to get back to my daughter’s top so that I can get it finished by the end of March when we pass through her home on our way back north to Ohio.


I did get my sample sock yarn from A Girl And Her Wool Wednesday. This is my first time to be a sample knitter. I only have to knit one sock in a vanilla pattern and it’s only a 56 stitch circumference so it’s going quite quickly. I have till the end of March but I suspect I will get it done in the next few days. The yarn is Terra Cotta Sunset with a tonal grey yarn for the contrast toe/heel/cuff. I like the pop of teal and brick colors in the Terra Cotta main yarn.


I’ve enjoyed being part of this group for many reasons. One is learning how others set up a plan and then track it. I historically have simply done a “Year At A Glance” type excel spreadsheet shown in my intro photo. Each column is an entire month but it keeps the year to a reasonable size display of the year. A list of my planned projects is along the y-axis. Then I highlight the months (x-axis) that I expect to work on each project. This lets me roughly see if I have too many or too few projects planned for some months. A goal for this year is to track how well I actually start and finish projects versus my original time estimates.

But this is feeling very blunt to me. I really like a more traditional calendar where I can see on a daily basis what I’m working on versus a monthly basis. I tend to like digital records instead of real paper. Thus a friend sent me a “teacher’s calendar” that was developed on google sheets. It can be purchased at here. I’ve modified it of course to fit my needs instead of a teachers. I’ve even changed some of the graphics to better match my personality. Currently if a project is a WIP it shows up everyday, even if I don’t knit on it. This helps keep my WIPs front and center. I may change to only putting what project(s) I knit. Have to see. Since it’s google sheets I put how many stitches I knit each day on the calendar. I used conditional formatting so that if it’s less than 1000 stitches (my goal) it shows up with a red numbers and pink background. I also keep track of my monthly average of stitches per day. I can link the pages so that the previous months average are also displayed. I’ve also linked my list of goals from month to month so that if a goal is completed in January it shows as completed in February, March, etc. My “Year At A Glance” is still captured in the Start tab.

Modified Teacher’s Digital Calendar

I still wonder if I’d like a paper journal. A Girl And Her Wool has created an interesting set of stickers to help make a planner. So maybe that will be something I try in 2022 – paper versus digital. I like that digital allows me to add or subtract lines as I need them. I tend to feel boxed in by paper since it really does have size limitations. My current digital calendar can only handle 4 WIPS but I can easily add rows so that more WIPS can be displayed. A journal would be more of a project scrapbook I think than an actual calendar. I need a calendar to make me feel I’m in control of my knitting. Ha Ha – famous last words I think.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on planning techniques that work for you.

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group โ€“ make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog every week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. YOP is in it’s 10th year although I’m in my first in the group.


18 thoughts on “2/12ths Update (Feb) and Knitting Planners/Journals??

  1. Your jumper looks great and although I liked the earlier version it looks more flattering with the narrower rows and the split hem so it was worth all that ripping out. I donโ€™t feel the need to plan outside of my main list that I create. I am not worried if I donโ€™t get everything finished as I know Iโ€™ve always added a bunch of unplanned things during the year and I just move things to the following YOP list if they arenโ€™t complete. If I was a test knitter it would be different, but at the moment I feel no urgency or commitment to finish new items. Perhaps because of all the decluttering Iโ€™ve been doing.

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  2. well done on your tunic, it really is lovely!

    On planning: for my knitting projects I find that Ravelry suffices, setting up a project and a “finish by” is typically enough of a commitment, though I have to admit defeat on a couple of projects. I do not do colourwork very much, and typically follow a pattern.

    However with weaving I do find that taking notes of ideas, checking how yarns fit together and playing with colour combinations does need a journal, so I have a Leuchtturm1917 A5 dotted journal. I am accumulating samples though, so I think I will soon have to move to some other way of organising my weaving work!

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  3. Your sweater looks so much better with the smaller stripes. It is quite flattering. The yarn you are test knitting is so pretty. It makes for a lovely plain vanilla sock. As for keeping track of projects. I have a project journal I keep. It is very simple. I have the name of the project, the yarn used, the size needle/hook, start date and finish date. That way, I know how many WIP’s I have and how many FO’s I have also. It has served me well for the past 10 years. LOL I am a paper and pen type person though. Hubby is a digital person and it drives him nuts seeing me using journals for the books I read, crafting projects as well as my daily to do list on my calendar. Yes, I have 3 journals going at all times. If I don’t write it down by hand, I don’t remember it at all. Even if I type it, I forget it. I am the same way with recipes…..They need to be printed out and in my recipe binder or I will forget to make them. Have a great week!

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  4. Congrats on your lovely finish and I can see why you wanted narrower stripes. What a difference it made. You are very organized. When I had my career I used a Palm Pilot and I was able to sync it between home and work but that was “back in the day”. I was a computer systems programmer and was on call 24/7. Now that I have been retired I don’t set deadlines for myself as I had plenty all those years ago! If it’s Google don’t you have to have the Google OS? Like Chrome book? Good for you though! I use Dynalist (free) on my pc and I use a plain old composition book to keep my daily and weekly lists. I am a list maker but I try not to put any pressure on myself! I got very ill and had to retire early because of all the stress and pressure so I “take it easy” now and live in the moment. I’m thinking of getting a Chromebook so I can video chat and “zoom” with my grandkids. You keep up the great work!

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    1. Totally agree that knitting is a stress reducer not a stress causer. I don’t feel any commitment to start or finish projects when I said I would. I also avoid making any “gift” projects. For example if I don’t finish my daughter’s top by the end of March that’s okay. Means I get to have her try it on before finishing. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have no issue with mailing it to her when it’s finally done. Good questions about Google. Maybe that’s why it works on my laptop but I can’t figure out how to send it to my Kindle.


  5. Dang!! The sweater is AMAZING! Ripping back and re-knitting was definitely the way to go!

    I’m not going to lie, I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kind of crafter. I make obsessive lists that never get completed in my real life, but with my knit and crochet, I try not to box myself in with hard deadlines. I keep a monthly plan on an index card on my bulletin board. I use both sides, then recycle it. My projects are mostly logged into Ravelry, because I’ve tried pen and paper project tracking and never kept with it. A digital database that I can access from anywhere is appealing to me.

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    1. Yeah, that multiple access thing is what I still need to figure out. Need a way to keep it “on the cloud” so that I can access from my Kindle or laptop. Does Dropbox do that??? I think Google sheets does it but I can’t seem to open Google sheets on my Kindle but I’m pretty sure I should be able to.


  6. You were so right that the narrower stripes would look better – even though I thought your sweater looked great originally. Good for you! I don’t do any serious project planning, but I do like the thought of a project “scrapbook” like you mentioned. I tell myself it would be fun to be able to look back on a tangible record (as opposed to simply seeing my projects on Ravelry, or flipping back through my blog. But I suspect I lack the discipline to see an actual scrapbook through. Something to think about…

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  7. Planning techniques? lol. I don’t really plan, although thanks to this yopping group I do come up with a list of things I want to make at the beginning of the yop year. Then I tend to just do one or maybe two things and see what my mood is like to cast on the next project. I often add things that I see on Rav or my simply knitting magazine as I go. I don’t have wips for long. I am a pretty monogamous knitter and my wish list is always just my rav queue. I am very impressed by all your methods.

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  8. Your sweater is fabulous it’s amazing how much difference the narrow stripes make!
    If I plan at all I like a written list and have numerous pads. The only electronic list I have is here, and, in all honesty, I don’t really look at it throughout the year. I just like it at the start to set me off and then I check at the end of the year how I have done!

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    1. Totally agree that it’s mainly fun to see what I was thinking at the beginning of the year versus what I actually did by the end of the year. Get example of “life happens”.


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