YOP Update


Since I’ve decided to only knit the leg in colorwork, I no longer need to “do a stripe a month” for my advent socks. I knit the final leg stripe and I’m now just knitting a traditional heel, foot, and toe. The sock indeed is quite tight to get over my heel so I’m going to have to block it strongly (fingers crossed). Good lesson so that I knit the next colorwork sock more loosely. I already used a Size 2 needle instead of size 1 but the issue is the floats of course. Need to be more generous. Worse case, I rip out the foot and make them into fingerless mitts!!


My Sailormoon sweater is coming along. I do love it. I’m almost ready to join the front and start knitting the body. I discovered I miss counted so I have to go back to the left front and add 10 more rows before joining.😣


I’m always looking for podcasts to watch or listen to. I have been watching Grocery Girls, Patty Lyons, and Fruity Knitting regularly for over a year. I love it when I can catch Grocery Girls or Patty Lyons Live but enjoy that I can watch an episode later if I miss it. Andrea’s knitting skills are why beyond anything I aspire to so it’s harder for me to relate to Fruity Knitting episodes. Recently I have started listening to Very Pink as they have restarted their audio podcasting. I definitely don’t always agree with Staci but the episodes have been interesting. I have been enjoying Rox Knits the past few months, mainly her Casual Friday episodes of tidbits. I just discovered Fleece & Harmony video podcasts. I think I’ll go back and watch some of the old ones. I have found that I prefer “friends talking about their knitting” to lessons. I like more “background noise” versus a knitting lesson. What are your favorite video and audio podcasts?

10 thoughts on “YOP Update

  1. Love those socks. I hope you can block them enough so you can wear them as socks. But, if they need to be turned into mitts, that is great too. Then everyone can see the marvelous colorwork you did. Your sweater is very pretty. I like those colors. I do not listen or watch podcasts too much. Once in a while I will watch one that someone recommends but never really follow anyone all the time. I did follow two and both of those people have stopped making them.

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    1. The only problem with turning them into fingerless mitts is that I’m not sure I’d every get a chance to wear them since I do longer winter where it’s cold. Course, I’m not sure socks will get worn either. They are likely to be gifted in either version in the hopes they get worn.


  2. I have never been a podcast person. I wish I was, because there are so many that seem like they would be interesting. I like audiobooks when I sew, and have started listening to them more frequently. Specifically I like history/science/linear fiction audio books when I sew. My spouse will put on concert videos when he is doing creative tasks, which is pretty cool.

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  3. I adore those socks! They are gorgeous….not sure if I would have the patience….it looks pretty tedious especially since I knit to relax. Your sweater is awesome! I love the stripes.
    As for podcasts, I like the ones that share their progress on their projects, a bit of their life, and other interests they might have. No lectures please in their podcasts, lol!

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    1. Colorwork socks does require concentration so they are not a social knitting project for me. The socks work because I focus on doing a stripe at a time then put them down till the next month when I do it’s stripe.


  4. I was thinking about your socks and wondering if you’ll make another pair with the other days patterns on the leg and this will be more practice on getting your floats loose and you would do the other patterns. I’ve found blocking colourwork didn’t make anything bigger…I made a hat and ended up giving it to a 2 year old! Gloves would be fab but I see your reply above about use. I’d be tempted to block now and see if it makes a difference before you bother to knit the foot. Anyhoo…podcasts, I always watch the Grocery Girls and have for a few years, I watch Stranded Podcast with Amy Florence and also she has an At Home with Amy that I also watch, Knitting the Stash is another one I watch. It’s those 3 I never miss and then try others occasionally but most others don’t grab me as much. Audio podcasts I never miss an episode of Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard and I also listen to Smartless as I’m totally in love with Jason Bateman. Derren Brown has an Audible exclusive podcast that I’ve been listening to that is very interesting about the brain.

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  5. The socks look great – and will be gorgeous whatever they decide to be.
    I too watch Amy Florence, I really like The Green Bean podcast too and as an audio podcast I really like Liz Earle as something a bit different!

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