YOP Wk #18 – Cicadas are coming!!

The year is zipping by isn’t it!! Already May. Doesn’t feel like it here. We are having an unusually cool spring. I can’t remember having a fire in the fireplace for Mother’s Day. Still can’t plant any flowers or start our garden as there is still a risk of frost this week. Fingers cross that next weekend can start planting flowers.

Fire on Mother’s Day??

Course we are just in time for the 17 year cicadas to emerge this week or next. Annual cicadas are about 2 per square foot. These 17 year cicadas are about 30 per square foot. Literally everything gets covered in these big bugs and you basically can’t go outside. Their “singing” is as loud as a lawnmover so you can imagine the noise of millions of them!! They don’t bite but they do land on you. Yuck. They should all be dead by the end of June. They slice young tree and shrub branches in order to lay their eggs so I’ll have to wait till July to plant the new lilac bush I want.



I did add an extra 10 rows to the make a longer lace panel. Pattern calls to bindoff after 2 repeats but I’m doing 3. That’s only an extra 2900 stitches!! I didn’t get as much done as I had hoped. I’ll get the lace done later today and should be picking up stitches for the sleeves tonight.

Lace Panel

Barbara’s “German” Hat

I finished my first attempt to copy my friend’s hat pattern. My yarn choices were awful. The fuzzy white yarn blurs out the cable. Then I closed the top too fast so the hat barely covers my ears. Great if I want to show off my earrings while wearing the hat. I’m going to rip out the cap part and make it longer although I really can’t see the yarn to try to frog it. I suspect I’ll be cutting the yarn.

First Try

I checked my stash and I actually already had a skein of maroon Berroco Vintage Chunky leftover from a sweater I knit my daughter 2 years ago. Plus I found some tan yarn that I can use as the contrast color. I have no idea what it is or where I got it since don’t own anything with that yarn. I’m going to try again with making the hat. This time I’ll be able to see the stitches better. You got to love the instructions Barbara’s cousins gave her to knit the hat. 1) Knit first part like a headband. 2) make a narrow cable approximately 10 inches long. Sew this part horizontally to first part. 3) Edge stiches from part 2 are cast-on again and the top of the hat is finished. Uhhh – see why I’m having trouble “following the pattern”. 😜

Yarn for #2 Attempt

Advent Calendar

Just a reminder, if you are interested in gifting yourself or someone else an advent calendar, many are starting their preorders now. My local knitting group has create a spreadsheet on advent calendars as we find them. I don’t really need more minis but I really want one anyway. Most are way more than I want to spend but we have found a few good “bargains”. My favorite so far is made in the UK (Vicki Brown) but I’m a bit worried about receiving it before I head back to Florida for the winter.


15 thoughts on “YOP Wk #18 – Cicadas are coming!!

  1. Sailor moon is looking great!
    Every advent I wish I had an advent calendar but every June I don’t want to buy one lol! I think i might wrap some myself and hide them until December – heaven knows I have enough leftovers from various projects!

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  2. Advent Calendars are being pre-ordered in May??? Oh my goodness… I love Backstage Knits’ suggestion above. Wrapping some advent “gifts” now would surely make them a surprise come December. I need to give that some thought. Might be able to manage it by… say, July if I get cracking on it now.

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  3. I know. I was surprised last year when almost all the Advent calendars were closed by Sept!!! I recall someone gave a bunch of minis skeins/small balls from their stash to their hubby to put in individual bags for advent opening. I probably won’t buy any as I’ve already arranged to buy minis from my friend that dyed yarns to refill the Advent calendars I have my friends last year.


  4. The bottom lace is very pretty and I really do love that colour. Eek that many bugs would definitely have me hiding inside. I have decided not to get a yarn advent this year but hoping to find a fibre one instead. My last 2 years mine have been from Cookston Crafts and she launched her pre-order 1st May.

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  5. I’m happy to say, we are leaving before the cicada’s emerge! I’ve been in Cincinnati for 2 of this Brood and happy to not experience a third. A friend keeps saying she can help me unpack in Florida… for 4 weeks (to get away from the bugs!).

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  6. It has been a very cool Spring here too and this is the South! YOur Sailor Moon is so pretty and I love the lace part. I would make it longer too because it is so pretty! Yuck! Cicadas….they are on my despise list of bugs alon gwith June bugs….they give me the creeps.
    You are very patient and generous to try and recreate that hat. Good luck!

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  7. Trying to follow that hat pattern……oh man. Quite the challenge. I like the third lace section on sailor moon. It helps bring more attention to it. I can not believe a fire on Mothers Day. We had our feet in our pool! LOL. What a difference. I would love to do an advent calendar but the prices are normally so expensive. If you find some moderate priced ones, let us know please.

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  8. Oh my….now you are tempting me with Advent Calendar ideas. Ack!! That cicada infestation sounds crazy, isn’t nature amazing! I hope there isn’t too much damage to bushes and trees. I guess I am thinking of locusts, but still all those flying insects. Oh my! I remember once in Hawaii a giant June Bug fell down the front of my dress. I freaked out in the middle of the International Market place. Caused quite the fuss. Nothing a good stiff drink couldn’t fix a few minutes later. lol.

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  9. Sailormoon is looking lovely, I’m sure you will get through those stitches in no time! I used to get advent calendars but now I prepare my own throughout the year with various leftovers/treats to myself!

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    1. I knew someone in this group did that! I saw a really cute idea of a 24 stripe skein already wound into 2 balls but it was $75!!! Uh no, I’ll pass on $75 socks. I’ll make my own with scraps.


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