YOP – Week #19 – Lost my Nook

The things to you do for your kids. I had to give up my beautiful knitting nook as one of my stepsons has moved in with us for “awhile”. 😭 We finished the area above our garage and it has a 10′ x 8′ dormer cut-out. It was the perfect size for a loveseat on one wall and shelves of yarn on the opposite wall. The area above the garage is so large it is like a small apartment (no kitchen or bath though) and the dormer makes a perfect living room. The garage is at the front of the house so he can “zip” in and out the front door and thus feel more private than using our guest bedroom. He was in a tenuous roommate situation so now he has a safe place to sleep while he builds his auto repair business. I have moved everything to the living room “temporarily”. My college aged son was shocked by how much yarn I already own – at least 2 years of projects worth. On the positive side, I no longer need to worry about sun exposure to my yarn. πŸ™‚

Sailormoon Update

Sailormoon is humming along. I decided to do the collar before the sleeves to make sure I had enough yarn for the collar. Got plenty! (I’ll have yarn leftover to use on Advent colorwork socks). Like most people knitting the pattern, I did a different collar than the pattern called for. The pattern has a very simple, pick up stitches, knit them once, bind-off. Many complained that this causes the neck to roll inward. I instead wanted the collar to reflect the bottom lace panel. So after picking up stitches and knitting them once, I did 3 rows of the lace pattern, followed by 3 rows of alternating K1P1 before binding off. This does cause the neckline to scallop and thus pucker but I think it will get better with blocking. I made a “just below the elbow sleeve” and again deviated from the pattern on the cuff which called for just ribbing. Like the collar, I did 3 rows of lace before 5 rows of ribbing. I am now on my second sleeve so I should be done with the sweater in the next couple of days. I completely forgot to go down a needle size for the bottom lace panel and the sleeve cuffs. At least they match. I will try to remember to do it on my daughter’s sweater. Of course after an unusually cool spring, we are now heading into the 80s. After a quick wear to showoff to my local knitting friends, it will get packed away till cooler fall days.

I will complete my 2 sock WIPs before starting either on a Sailormoon for my daughter (in blue and speckles), or a summer top for me. Plus I better get back to work on that baby blanket for my step daughter. Oh yeah, and attempt #2 on that hat. See lots of choices!!😡

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is aΒ Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog every week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. YOP is in it’s 10th year although I’m in my first in the group.


15 thoughts on “YOP – Week #19 – Lost my Nook

  1. The sweater looks SO PRETTY! I love your modifications.

    When I was moving my craft stuff out of my office to make way for a nursery, it was SHOCKING how much STUFF I actually had! Even after 6 years, I STILL don’t know where I put everything. Last time we emptied out the entire basement closet, I found 2 HUGE boxes of stuff I had completely forgotten about!
    I hope you don’t need to wait 18-25 years until you get your craft space back!!

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  2. I recently had my sister as an overnight guest and put the air mattress in my “yarn room”. The next day she was curious where I kept my yarn. I hesitatingly opened the closet expecting gasps, but she took it in stride, and actually had only positive comments. My sons, on the other hand, just look at it in silence (the one time I showed each of them), making me think they probably wonder if I’ve gone batty. Truth be told, sometimes I wonder about that too.


  3. You are a gem for giving up your knitting nook for your stepson. I am sure he is grateful to have a safe place to lay his head each night.

    Sailor moon is great. I like all the adjustments you have made on it. Isn’t it nice to have choices of projects for when the big project is completed.

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  4. Fingers crossed there’s been no sun damage, moving it before the peak of the summer may turn out to be perfect, albeit sad to have temporarily lost your knitting nook. Your modifications look great, credit to you for adding more lace sections, I think they tie in very well and having not seen the original pattern would think it was part of the design.

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