YOP – Chicago, Knitting, and Cicadas – Week of June 7-13

Well, this weekend included a surprise trip to Chicago. My son and his girlfriend left yesterday to spend a week in northern Minnesota with her family. 4+ hrs out I get a call that her car has broken down just south of Chicago. After confirming her car would require costly repairs and couldn’t be done for over a week, I drove the 4 hrs to give them my car. Of course my oil light came on as I reached Chicago. Hopefully the quart of oil we added tides them over until they return to Cincinnati. Then I flew back to Cincinnati today on frequent flyer miles I had from a long time ago. Gotta roll with the punches.


I did finish the baby blanket for my stepdaughter. I’m happy enough with it and glad it’s done. Now off to make projects with yarns that bring me greater joy.


As always, the blanket took longer to finish plus the unplanned drive/flight to Chicago. I did get to start a pair of Fixation yarn socks. I think the colorway is Tutti Fruiti. I am trying out the 9″ circular needles (US Size 4) instead of my usual 2 at a time magic loop. Making the toe was much to fiddly with 9″ so I had to do that magic loop. Once I finished the toe increases I moved the sock to 9″. This was great to work on in the airport and on the plane. I’m going on another plane trip in two weeks so the 9″needles will be getting plenty of trial over the next month.

I got my yarn wound with a mini selected for the heel and toe stripe. Again, I will cast the socks on with magic loop and knit the toes before transfering them to 9″ circular needles. This time I’ll be trying out US Size 0 9″ circulars. Can’t wait to cast it on later today.



When my size 2 needle proved too tight for my colorwork advent sock I went up to size 4. While I planned to make a fairly tall sock, I still think the cuff may be too big. Only have one cuff done since it was my first attempt with 9″ circular needles. Plan to frog and start the cuff again with 3″. I’ll go back to using the Size 4 9″ circulars for the colorwork once I finish the Fixation yarn socks.

17 Year Cicada Update

The air, and ground, is thick with 17 year cicadas. We are at the peak point. You can’t walk outside without one landing on you. The driveway is covered with dead bodies as they only live 3-4 weeks. Here’s what hubby’s windshield looks like after a short drive.

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog every week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. YOP is in it’s 10th year although I’m in my first in the group.


14 thoughts on “YOP – Chicago, Knitting, and Cicadas – Week of June 7-13

  1. Our cicadas are incredible, and I can’t imagine them being worse, but you describe something worse than we seem to have have – in our neighborhood, anyway. We did not have them this bad 17 year years ago. I would have remembered… I think I’m going to miss the whirring sound in the distance when they finally die off. It’s almost hard to imagine there not being that noise. It hasn’t been silent here for weeks.

    That yarn you’re knitting with is scrumptious sounding and beautiful to look at. 🙂


    1. Here the west side of Cincinnati has them worse than the east side. Go figure. The cicadas have been interesting but I’m glad it will be another 17 years before they return. By then I’ll probably be living in Florida.


  2. Eew bug bodies everywhere…I am soooooo glad that’s not something we get here. Do birds pretty quickly eat them? I switch between my 25cm sock needles and magic loop when making socks. I do cuff, legs and feet on the short needles and do heel flap, gusset and toes on the longer. I now have 2 x medium length circil8e needles to give TAAT a go on 2 circulars instead of 1 super long one. It’s become my way of adding interest to knitting socks, as I pretty much stick to the same two patterns. Have a good week.

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  3. You are a wonderful person! I would’ve told them to rent a car! LOL! I am a home body and don’t do well driving places I don’t know. I don’t drive at night at all but then I think I am much older than you too. Your yarns are awesome….the colors are gorgeous. Is that a face on that one sock? Is that your colorwork? I can’t wait to see you finish it! Cicadas,,,,,ick! We don’t have them until August…..just the regular ones. I also hate those June bugs which I haven’t seen……yet.

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    1. Renting a car wasn’t an option. There were none available. It’s a national issue. Not even a Uhaul van. The face is actually a yarn “coozie” that holds the ball while pulling the yarn from the center.


  4. Way to go to save the day with your four hour drive – and yay for points to fly home with. The cicada story creeps me out a wee bit – not an issue we have here so I am living vicariously through all the blogs I read about them. I hope you like the 9″ sock needles. I love knitting my socks (and soon my cuffs of my gansey) on these small circulars. I do the toes on two dpns, and then after the increases I switch to the 9″ circ.

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    1. I’m not sure what to think about all this switching between magic loop or dpns as part of the 9″ method. I know one of my friends as already abandoned 9″ because of the need to switch. I suspect I’ll only do 9″ when I need a very small project or for colorwork socks. Maybe cuffs of sweaters. I greatly prefer knitting two socks at a time.


  5. So many socks I love it! I use 9 inch circus when I do double tube socks, when I knit straight from cuff to cuff and then cut, put in the toes, and put in the heels. It’s the ultimate take anywhere knitting since you basically knit a 3 foot tube. Otherwise I like magic loop.

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    1. Yes. I have yet to do an “after” heel. Guess I’ll have to try. I really hate the idea of doing the toe on magic loop, move to 9″, transfer to magic loop for heel, transfer back to 9″. But I’m glad I’m trying it out this summer.


  6. I tried the 9″ needles and could not get my hands to enjoy them. I ended up with such hand cramps from them. I am sticking to DPN’s and Magic Loop. Your surprise trip almost sounds like fun. Sometimes an unexpected adventure can turn into a great memory.

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