Wk of 7/4 – 7/10


Yea!!! An FO!! I did finish my Hermione anklets. I love them. I used The Crazy Sock Lady’s idea of using the contrast yarn for only the final few rows on the cuff since I really like the main color yarn. I didn’t want the whole cuff in contrast color. I plan to use a little of the colorful Deep Dyed yarn in one of my Advent Sock stripes. Then I’ll knit another pair of anklets with contrast toes, heels, and maybe cuff to make sure there is enough yarn. Next year!!😁

Didn’t quite get my Fixation anklets done this week but they will be done in the next day or two. I’m knitting the heel and just have short legs and cuffs to finish.

Duh Department

After spending a little more time swatching this week I remembered that I used this same yarn for my daughter’s top last summer. Hence I already had swatch info!! Arg! 😣 Well at least now I’m ready to cast on. Grocery Girls have a summer tee/tank KAL going on so I need to focus and get this done by the end of August.

Vacation Ends

Heading back home this week. We had great weather while at the beach. But I’m looking forward to getting back to my kitty, some yard work, and hopefully some deck knitting. Unfortunately, July and August tend to be very hot and humid in Ohio so not sure how much I’ll be outside. (Photo – that was supposed to be a dog bed but the kitty claimed it.)

18 thoughts on “Wk of 7/4 – 7/10

  1. The colors on the socks are so pretty. I like knitting short socks. They go so quickly. I get bored doing long socks but hubby loves them for his dress pants. He does wear short socks with his shorts though. Sounds like you have a deadline. I am sure you will make it without any issues. Your kitty is so cute on the dog bed.

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  2. I love the colorways you used for the socks! The main color and the contrast are so perfect together.

    I also don’t love swatching, so I feel you about having to swatch the same yarn twice.

    Happy your beach vacation was a success! Coming home is always great, no matter how good a vacation is. When it gets hot and humid in Maryland, I am able to spend SOME mornings outside (from 6-7) before it gets super gross.

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