YOP: Wk of 8/15-21; Nerd & Knitting Updates


Ok, I confess. I’m a spreadsheet nerd. After seeing Tasha’s post about her etsy shop that does custom t-shirts, I ordered one I REALLY wanted printed; “Knitting – I Have a Spreadsheet For That”. I was inspired by Kath of Backstage Knits blog last weekend on her stitch tracking with excel. She was the one that inspired me to track stitches in addition to projects. My knitting almost exclusively with fingering weight yarn puts me at a disadvantage for completing FOs so stitch count is a better measure for me. My knitting calendar is excel based. I use Ravelry for my “knitting journal” where I record gauge/yarn used/pattern notes/etc. Digital works best for me so that I can continually modify it. In this case I’ve added a line under the month title that lets me know how many stitches I’ve knit for the month so far. To the left I have a running total of the cumulative stitches for the year. Kath’s goal is a million stitches. I’m no where near her pace.

Then I added an “Analysis” tab following the Dec tab. There I have graphs of my stitches by the day of the week for each month as well as a graph of total stitches by month. Not much to be gleened other than there is no pattern for day of the week I tend to knit more or less. Not surprisingly May and June are my lowest stitch count months due to increased lawn and garden care. August is looking like a big month thanks to working on Caitlyn’s tank top.

Heldig Tank Update

Well, I ended up blocking Caitlyn’s tank top to give it it’s best chance to fit. It does fit ok. I’m going to finish it although I’m not as pleased with how it looks as other tops I’ve made. The ribbing is not neat rows. I’m hoping washing and wearing will help get rid of the wonkiness. It should be an FO next week. Probably won’t knit this pattern again. Too many others to try. I still have a top worth of the Daisy yarn in a reddish coral color that I plan to knit up for me.

Christmas Socks FO!!!!

James’ Christmas socks got extra attention as I took a break from working on Caitlyn’s top this past week. They are done!!! Turns out my son likes them too. Fortunately I have enough leftover to make another pair anklet length, especially if I use contrast toes. Another project to add to my plan!

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog each week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. YOP is in it’s 11th year. It’s my second in the group.

20 thoughts on “YOP: Wk of 8/15-21; Nerd & Knitting Updates

  1. Your day of the week tracking is interesting. I have Mundane Monday where I tidy, clean, do laundry, water houseplants so that would be my lowest number of stitches. I would guess a Sunday has most. I can’t see me tracking my own, but it’s fun seeing yours. Love the socks.

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    1. My main intent is simply to track the number of stitches I do each day which came from estimating the number of stitches I needed in order to complete the projects I had planned for the year. Since I don’t complete a lot of projects, I am finding it more satisfying if I can say I got my daily stitches done.

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  2. Owning my admit to loving spreadsheets, but also owning my admit to only having rudimentary knowledge of all the functions. They are helpful to me for tracking and lists but not so much for the more complex math formulas, so I’m always in awe of folks who can use them like Kath does.

    Looking forward to seeing your FO of that top!

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    1. Yeah, none of my local knitting friends in Ohio nor in Florida are spreadsheet trackers like I am. While I love how beautiful journals can be, I am bad at misplacing them. I had about 5 over the course of a year so I had to come up with a different method.


  3. I admire people who are able to do spreadsheets on the computer. I am too much a paper pencil gal. It comes from all the years of doing doctor office scheduling and bookkeeping. We didn’t use computers for the scheduling and the bookkeeping was done on paper and then entered into the computer. Yes, I am that old lol. Glad to hear your daughter’s tank fits her and that your son likes his socks. Win win for you this week.

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    1. I think it’s fun to see all the different techniques. I’m the only one of my knitting friends that uses spreadsheets. I love journals but I’m forever forgetting where I put them so I have 5 notebooks with a few pages of knitting info and no way to keep them into one.


  4. I still need/want to try a spreadsheet for all my projects but how do you track the number of stitches? Your spreadsheet is very cool especially since Ravelry doesn’t allow for so many other fiber-related crafts.
    Congrats on winding up the top. The socks are great and now you have another project! LOL! Have a great week! What’s next?

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    1. The last line on each day is where I put in my stitches. (the row that has yellow or pink boxes. I use conditional formatting so that it’s yellow when I meet my goal of 1000+ stitches per day and pink when I don’t) I can just use an equation like I did 12 rows of 68 stitches on a sock plus 2 rows on a 210 stitch top and the spreadsheet calculates the total stitches for the day. =(12*68)+(2*210) The stitches for the month simply adds up all those pink and yellow boxes.


  5. This knitting nerdery is making my heart go pitter patter! Now I feel like I need to create a dashboard to calculate how many hours I actually spend on each project. I love it, you and Kath are inspiring.

    Lovely projects as always!

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    1. Welcome to our nerdiness!! I haven’t started tracking hours. Maybe that’s a goal for 2022. Being able to track the number of days I actually worked on a project is new for me this year. In the past I only tracked the cast-on and bind-off dates on Ravelry.


  6. I’m so here for your spreadsheets!! And I’m happy you have a shirt to scream your love of knitting related spread sheets.

    I’m glad the tank worked out, OK. But the socks look great, and I think its great you have enough yarn left for socks of your own!!

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    1. I’m really starting to love anklets because they result in 2 pairs of socks per skein if I use contrast yarn for heels and toes. I’m planning several skeins of “share a pair” purchases with my friends at the Wool Festival next month.

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  7. I hope you are getting the t-shirt made. You deserve it. I love the nerdy math stuff too, but I am not as disciplined as you to actually make an indepth spreadsheer. My math nerdy moments are all scribbled in my journal.

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    1. I love the idea of a journal but unfortunately hadn’t some up with a way to keep only one. Instead I had gotten up to at least 4 journals and I was frustrated with how not everything was in the same journal.


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