YOP – Wk of 9/26 – 10/2

Sailormoon Update

This week I was able to complete the yoke and combine the front and back. Now it’s 12″ of stockinette (Continental) striping before making the lace bottom panel and sleeves. Looking good to be done by Thanksgiving. Maybe I can get another top/sweater in before the end of the year??!!


Does anyone else have trouble with their swatch matching their garment gauge?? Really drives me nuts!! Turns out my garment is a good 10% tighter than my swatch predicted! Sure hope it still fits my daughter. Oh, and in case you are interested …. I sent my frustration/question to Andrea Mowry this week and guess what question got picked to be answered in this week’s podcast (#30)?? Yep – that’s mine at 9:11 with the 28 stitches instead of 25.5 predicted by my swatch. Maybe the problem is this pattern has both flat and in the round and I only swatched in the round. But her suggestion to block it now is probably worth doing.

Advent Sock 2019

Making these colorwork stripes is so fun. This is going to be a crazy pair of socks as I plan to use leftover Christmas sock yarns for the feet. But I will have fun wearing them.

Advent 2019 sock

This Week’s Mail

The spending seems to never end but that’s my fault. I ordered more wipeable project bag tags from Katrinkles. That gives me 6 which would definitely be my limit of projects on needles. But this will let me put my winter projects into bags for taking to Florida since I won’t have my “yarn wall”. I also ordered her wipeable stitch markers. That will let me leave “notes” to myself or mark special stitches such as psso. By the way, I hate her silver chains so I went on Amazon and got myself 100 colorful chains for $7. Let me know if you need chains. 🙂

Katrinkles Mail

Planning Ahead – 2022 Anyone??

My brother kids me about my need to plan ahead – really, who doesn’t plan holiday family gatherings 4+ months ahead?? So it should come as no surprise that I have already started my 2022 Knitting Plan and Knitting Goals. Not really hard since part of my monthly digital Knitting Plan/Calendar includes an area to record future project and goal ideas. I already own the yarn for every project (well, I’ve committed to but haven’t bought the Christmas sock yarn) so in theory I shouldn’t buy ANY yarn in 2022. Yeah, that’s not happening.


I’ll end with a photo of fall here along our driveway. The leaves are turning yellow and the driveway is filling up with fallen leaves. Another week or two and it will be golden yellow with reds and oranges. (Our driveway is 1 km long so I get a nice walk in just picking up the mail everyday). Wishing everyone a great week and “see” you next Sunday.

Oct 2nd

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog each week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. YOP is in it’s 11th year. It’s my second in the group.


27 thoughts on “YOP – Wk of 9/26 – 10/2

  1. Those advent socks are so cute! I would almost hate to cover them with pants. I hope the Sailor Moon fits your daughter. I always heard you should swatch according to how your project is knit (in the round or flat). I still have issues though. Depending on my ‘feelings’ the day I am working on a project, I could be tighter or looser from my swatch piece. Thank goodness for blocking LOL. I chuckled at your planning ahead. I, too, start planning my yearly knitting goals months before I actually post them. As for having all the yarn needed for each project? Well, most of the time as long as it is made with fingering weight yarn. My worsted and DK are almost all used up………finally. What a lovely driveway you have. I would love to have that view each day when going to gather the mail.

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    1. We do love our home in the woods. It’s beautiful all year round. Plus love no road noise or noisy neighbors. I agree about the advent socks. I suspect they will be worn over leggings.


  2. What a wonderful walk everyday? I’ll be honest, I never swatch. Occasionally I will use a sleeve as a swatch, but otherwise I chance it. It only backfires a tinyfraction of the time!

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  3. I never swatch but then again I pretty much know what needle size to use for the yarn as I very seldom change. I’ve learned too that I need to go down a size for most sweaters or they end up huge. Awesome socks 🧶

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  4. Gorgeous fall leaves – I’d be tempted to take the walk to the postbox multiple times a day with that view! I’m a planner like you so I wholeheartedly embrace the planning FAR in advance. How great you’ve got stash for the next year and how equally great a little stash enhancement never hurt anyone 🙂

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    1. Yeah – I forgot to add to my rule to only buy yarn with a project in mind, that I should also add and will be knit in the next 12 months!! Hence a stash that could easily cover the next 2 years – even with sweaters.


  5. I definitely have heard you should swatch in the round or flat based on how it will be knit, but sometimes even that doesn’t help me because I feel like I knit tighter at small circumference in the round than when doing the hundreds of stitches needed for a sweater!

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    1. That is very true and Andrea discusses that. What is weird is that my garment gauge is tighter than my smaller in the round gauge. But it is flat gauge versus in the round gauge. I don’t see myself doing flat and in the round swatching for sweaters that do both. Just going to wing it and block it.

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  6. What a beautiful walk you have everyday to your mailbox! Fall doesn’t seem to be in a hurry here. Seems late, but maybe I’m just misremembering. Your advent sock is so fun. Can’t wait to see the Christmas colors. 🙂

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  7. Fingers crossed on the sailor moon, my swatches never match my knitting and it’s very frustrating. I seem to knit tighter on the swatch than the item. What a great idea those wipeable markers are, what ink are you using though as wouldn’t there be a chance the writing with wipe off onto the knitting when you are putting it back in the bag?

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  8. Love those stripes and the advent socks! Glad you got feedback on your gauge question…evidently you are not alone. Your wipeable tags and markers look like they will be a big help. Your driveway is beautiful!

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  9. great to see you advent socks progressing. Love the picture of your driveway – I love fall pictures (I am a Libra after all) Those tags are a great idea – everytime you write of your yarn wall I imagine what a beautiful sight that is – like the wall of my favourite yarn store.

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  10. On the subject of swatching a friend of mine says she notices her gauge changes as she becomes more comfortable with a project so her swatch and the beginning of a project are usually knit tighter than the rest of the project. I found that quite interesting.

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    1. Andrea Mowry mentioned that as well. It’s why I usually check my gauge multiple times on a sweater. But this is one of the biggest changes I’ve seen. Fingers crossed it all works out in the end. Worse case – I have to frog and knit again. Not the end of the world.


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