2022: Wk of Jan 23 – 30; New Cast-on, Yarn Mail, and Frustrating Fix


Sadly, this was a frustrating week. Seems that while knitting my Spiraling Cables Stephen West shawl, I made a mistake and purled one row instead of knitting it. Sadly I didn’t find the mistake until I had knit 12 more rows. I had to dig down 12 rows for an entire row to correct each stitch.

Oops, Contrast color is supposed to be a garter stripe

This was a very slow process so I didn’t meet my goal of 1800 stitches for most of the days this week. Fortunately I’ve had enough “good” days that my monthly average is still above 1800 stitches per day. I do really like the shawl and I’m looking forward to more of the colors showing as I work through my multi-color contrast yarn. I’m almost halfway done so I’ll be starting the “trellis” portion soon.

Spiraling Cables – 1/2 done


The extra work on the Spiraling Cables Shawl means starting hubby’s sweater got delayed. I’m excited that it’s a “new to me” designer. While not specifically spelled out in my goals, trying patterns from “new to me” designers is indeed part of my goals. I finally cast-on yesterday so I’m only on the collar. This will be my first folded over collar. I didn’t swatch since I’ve made two sweaters already from the yarn. Have to admit that I don’t really like the “fabric” of my Shellseeker I made last year with the yarn. I used a US8 needle as I wanted a more open fabric so I could wear it in Florida. My daughter’s Shellseeker was made with a US4. I’m compromising and using a US6. I will determine the gauge and then adjust the pattern based on my gauge. As long as the collar is big enough to get over my husband’s head, I should be fine since the sweater is a simple stockinette raglan. Head fit I’ll be able to check this week.

Second 2022 Cast-On!!


My new “walking sock” yarn arrived. One set is supposed to be Christmas-ish called Holidaze and the other set is just summery colors. I will be casting on a new pair on Feb 1 so that I’ll have a project for various monthly sock KALs. I’m down to just the cuffs on my current socks so they will definitely an FO in next week’s blog. My extra yarn for the Spiraling Cables Shawl arrived. I have a feeling I won’t need the extra yarn. Oh well. I think I may make the Ranunculus top with it instead. Or at least some tee pattern. I love the autumn/campfire colors.


One month into my new year of knitting goals, I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve completed 2 carryover WIPs and should have a third done within the next day. Plus I’ve gotten started my first new 2022 project. My yarn in/out is out of balance but that’s because I’ve been “gifted” some baby yarns from my Florida knitters. Hard to say no to free yarn. My daily knitting goal is going ok. I’m happy that I’m using Knit Companion more this year even though that wasn’t on my list of goals. I’m looking forward to completing, or modifying, my goals as the year progresses. This what my daily tracking looks like.

Hope you have a great crafting week.

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog each week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. YOP is in it’s 11th year. It’s my second in the group.


16 thoughts on “2022: Wk of Jan 23 – 30; New Cast-on, Yarn Mail, and Frustrating Fix

  1. You are very patient to work the individual stitches back to correct the error on your shawl.
    Your new yarn is so pretty and colorful. The Ranuculus is a great sweater pattern. It has been calling me for awhile. It’s on my “someday” list.

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  2. Well all that laddering down and up should count towards your stitch count! I had to do the same and ladder down 8 rows to remove a motif on my gansey that just wasn’t working for me. Time consuming, but in the end we are much happier for it!

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  3. I agree with Mary-Anne I’d count each stitch you had to crochet back up the ladder as a stitch. I see a lot of ranunculus tops in different yarn weights and in fine yarn it’s amazing how little it uses so seems a good plan if you don’t need the yarn for your main project. I think your first month is a success, projects finished and some lovely ones started.

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    1. Must confess – I did count the stitches while fixing. It’s knitting right?! Since I’m not currently tracking stitches per project, it doesn’t lead to over counting how many stitches it takes to make the project.


  4. I love the shawl and the colors you chose. You are to be admired tinking back all that way to fix a mistake…..bless you! Your new yarns are gorgeous. You are really good about sticking to your goals and accomplishing them. How do you count your stitiches? I have no idea how you figure yarn in and out either.

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    1. Yarn in and out is simply IN = purchased or gifted yarn received that month, OUT = the weight of any FOs that month. I use a progress keeper on all my projects. Then at the end of the day I count how many rows I knit on each project knit that day and move the progress keeper to the top row to be ready for the next time on knit on it. I multiply the number of rows knit by the number of stitches in each row. While my calendar looks like I count each stitch, it’s actually a guesstimate. I have no need to be that precise (there are no knitting police).


    1. Luckily the mistake was on the stitches between the cables so I didn’t have to tink them back. I would not have been able to fix them if I had to work through the cable stitches. I do love the pattern and my friends say the final half is even more fun to knit.


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