2022: Wk of Mar 13 – 19; Yarn Road Trip and WIPs Update


What a fun day we had at Four Purls Yarn Shop in West Haven, Florida!!! Every yarn base and color of Emma’s yarn was stocked in addition to several other brands of yarn. I did manage to control myself and only bought one skein, 150g, of Hella Hank that I will use to knit a Ranunculus sweater.

10 Questions Colorway

I would have bought the Slubby Slub for the Ranunculus but they didn’t have enough of the colorway I loved (10 Questions). They had a store sample made with the Slubby Slub and it really looked great. What a unique yarn but it took 2 skeins to make the Ranuculus. We took a class on making bobbles and the Latvian braid. I’m looking forward to adding a Latvian braid to the top of my socks or the cuff on my sweaters/tops.

Bobbles and Braids

My friends certainly made the trip worthwhile for the store and bought a lot of yarn. For them it was quite the treat to be able to touch and see yarns in person versus having to buy yarn online. I forget how lucky I am to living in a city with many yarn stores. A new one just open and I’m looking foward to attending a knit night there.


I have made a little progress on my neice’s baby blanket. It’s a nice mindless knit for watching soccer games or social knitting. This will be my car knitting (if I get any) for the drive back north. A “design element” was created by my mistakenly mismatching the yarn weight of the white yarn with the color yarn. I actually like how it brings the white stripes forward and slightly puckers the colored stripes. Baby blankets get all bunched up anyway so laying flat isn’t really a requirement.


I finished the sleeves. This weekly I’ll be attaching the sleeves and finishing the yoke. Almost done!! I like to knit sleeves 2 at a time so that I’m sure they match. This pattern sadly on one row of the pattern requires carrying over the last stitch of the backside to the front. This is impossible with magic loop 2 at a time. So I told the designer, Anne Hanssen, that it would be good to warn knitters that they can’t do 2 at a time until after they have completed the cuff pattern. That said, I did my typical “wing it” and didn’t do the carryover. Somehow I was 1 under on the stitch count anyway (lots of complaints of that row is poorly written). The pattern calls for slipping 2 stitches and then putting them over the next knitted stitch. I just slipped 1 and passed it over. It looks fine.

Test Knit Sleeves – 2 at a Time

Swirl E Rainbow Speckle Socks

I’m hoping to get these socks done the same time as I get the Baby Sweater done. They are a suprise gift for my step-daughter to be included when I mail her the baby sweater. I love the Swirl E pattern with this yarn. Fingers crossed I can get everything done so that I can mail the package by the 31st. Our days in Florida are coming to an end. I would really like to put them in the mail rather than pack them for the drive back to Ohio.

Swirl E Pattern with AlwaysBeKind Chirstmas Lights Yarn

Back to Ohio

I have really enjoyed wintering in Florida but I’m looking forward to returning to Ohio come April. It’s getting hot and more importantly humid here in Florida. I spend the winter sitting on our patio everyday. Now it’s getting too hot to sit outside. Hence I’m looking forward to once again sitting outside on our deck and knitting. My son has sent pictures of the outstanding job this contractor did on filling our former pool. I don’t have to dread looking out the window to see the concrete mistake of last summer. We now have a very large lawn that his dog is loving. We will be planting some fruit trees (sour cherry, pear??) when we get home.

Many of my Florida activities will be coming to an end anyway as all us snowbirds leave. I just can’t imagine living some place where more than half the population is only there for 3-4 months. The knitting group that went to the yarn store are year round residents so I’m optimistic the group will continue and I’ll be able to rejoin the group come December. Thanks to the “gifted” yarn, I plan to leave 3 tee projects plus a “walking sock” project in the condo we are renting next year rather than hauling the yarn back and forth. I have a vacuum sealed bag that I’ll store the yarn in. Hubby is happy I shouldn’t need to bring much yarn with me next year beyond WIPs I want to finish.

Another great week of retired life. Hope your days are going well too.

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog each week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. YOP is in it’s 11th year. It’s my second in the group.


13 thoughts on “2022: Wk of Mar 13 – 19; Yarn Road Trip and WIPs Update

  1. When I talked to my mom last week, she was lamenting the humid 90 degree days! They usually come back in April too, when the snakes come out in Florida, and its consistently above freezing back north!

    I think its great that you can leave some yarn for next year, it’ll be like giving yourself a gift next winter!

    Also, I love the baby blanket! I think the slight texture will make it warm and snuggly!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know. I’m sure I will have forgotten what the yarn looks like by December. Kind of an advent surprise!! We helped the owner out by letting the flooring people in while he stayed in Chicago saving him a trip down. So he is kindly letting us store some items for next year.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I live in snowbird heaven west. Come the first of April our traffic in my city will be much lighter until November. We have a large Canadian presence here as well as the Dakotas and Minnesota. Fifth wheels and motor homes fill our RV parks for 5 months. Covid stopped a lot of our winter friends the past 2 years. This year wasn’t too bad but many Canadians still were unable to travel here. Those 5 months are a huge boost to our economy. It is nice you have a place to rent and do not need to drive your “home” there. I am jealous of you javing lots of yarn shops in which to feel and cuddle yarn. I have one and refuse to step foot in it because of a very rude owner. I love the baby blanket with the design element. It has a lovely 3D effect. Looking forward to seeing the baby sweater test knit completed. The cuffs are cute. Fingers crossed the socks get completed before you leave.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Totally understand about rude yarn shop owners. I wrote a really nasty review on Yelp about one shop that is located on the “rich” side of town. My stepson was treated so poorly when he went to buy a Christmas present for me that I’ll never shop there again. Sadly my nearest LYS treats her yarn employees very poorly (she is a fabric person but won’t admit she knows nothing about yarn and knitting) so I rarely buy yarn there and no longer take classes there.


  2. Busy lady! I love the colour you chose for your Ranunculus. I haven’t been to an in-person wool shop in ages – maybe next fall I will attend KnitCity in person (I had better save up!)

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  3. It seems amazing to me that jumper can be made with the same amount of yarn that a few pairs of socks could be made from…it doesn’t compute in my brain but I see people making this pattern all the time. The family I au paired for in Michigan 30 years ago have been building a winter home for themselves in Naples and they are insisting we must go out one winter to stay with them…so perhaps we will actually meet! I’m visiting them in Michigan this year. The new stitches you’ve been learning look great. I keep sticking to what I know but it’s good to keep hearing about things I can learn one day.

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    1. I know. It’s supposed to be a one skein sweater although the shop sample needed 2 of the Slubby Slub yarn. I’m looking forward to knitting my first so I can see for myself. Then I may knit more as gifts.
      It would be so fun if you do visit in Naples. It is wonderful in the winter!! Where in Michigan do they live? I am 4 hours south of Detroit.


  4. Glad you had such a fun yarn-shop day! You picked a super cheerful color for your Ranunculus – I’ll be anxious to see it. Love how the baby blanket looks with that extra bit of texture. That’ll be a really nice gift! My DH is headed to FL for work today and was commenting on weirdly hot it is from the forecast. It’ll be a big change since we’re supposed to have more snow here today!

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