2022: Wk of Apr 3 – 9; 1st Quarter Review, Test Knit Tee and Sock Update


Wow, it’s already April. This year is flying by. So it’s good to check how things are going on the ole knitting plan.

Socks/Cowl: Goal – knit a pair a month or knit a cowl
This going well. I’ve knit 3 pairs of socks plus 2 pairs that were carryover WIPS. This month’s pair has been started and will be discussed below.

Sweater/Shawl: Goal 5 which is 1 roughly every 2+ months.S
Shakey but kinda on track. I do have one shawl done and I did finish a tee WIP. I have to get my tee test knit done this month so that would definitely put me on track. It’s going to be very tough to get the tee done by the end of the month since I lost almost a week due to traveling home from Florida. Then I had to frog back almost to the beginning because I made a mistake that was very obvious once I inspected my knitting at the end of the day.

Baby/Misc: Goal 1
This one is already accomplished since I finished a baby sweater. Whew.

WIPS: Goal 4
Going well. As mentioned above I finished the 2 sock WIPS and the 1 Tee WIP. I still need to finish the baby blanket WIP. That’s a pretty low priority but should have it done by the end of the year.

Daily Stitches: Goal 1800/day
This has gone quite well during the first quarter. I’ve actually averaged 2100 per day. But no big surprise that the knitting is taking quite the hit the past week while driving 19 hours and visiting my daughter and the Biltmore Estate/Asheville. Now I have unpacking and cleaning to do.

The year is going well although the sweater/shawl goal is always the weakest link. An updated plan is my feature image on this post.


What was I thinking??!! Fingering weight tees take forever!! I do adore the yarn I’m using. It’s Cinnamon Dolce colorway in Madelinetosh Tosh Merino Light I know I’m going to love the top even if I don’t finish in time.


I do love this yarn from Lollipop Yarns. She has the most beautiful colorways. This one is called Quirky. While I’m liking the woven stitch as the pattern, I’m realizing that I also like the plain vanilla. The woven stitch masks the speckles on the lighter color stripes. I’m glad I will have enough yarn to make a second pair. I’ll just knit vanilla for that pair.


It is nice to be home again. Kinda weird to be putting away Christmas decorations in April. My son didn’t put them away while we were gone. Yesterday I got to catch up with two of my local knitting friends over coffee at a local coffee shop and then a birthday dinner and card game with friends. It snowed!!! I have done zero walking as it’s been cold and rainy. (Hubby is ready to head back to Florida.) I did sign up for the YMCA and will start water aerobics and Pilates classes tomorrow. We have really enjoyed spending time again with my youngest son and his girlfriend.

We did have a wonderful visit with my daughter and her husband in Charleston and even got in a nice visit with a sorority sister I hadn’t seen in person in 43 years. We timed our visit to the Biltmore perfectly. We had good weather to see the gardens and the house. The day we left it was grey and cold.

Now to get back to knitting that tee!! Hope you have a wonderful week of crafting.

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog each week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. YOP is in it’s 11th year. It’s my second in the group.


16 thoughts on “2022: Wk of Apr 3 – 9; 1st Quarter Review, Test Knit Tee and Sock Update

  1. Looks like you are doing well with your goals! I always set the goal, but never do a follow up post. I should probably do that, lol. The yarn for your tee is such a beautiful color. Hope it warms up for you soon! This weather has been really wacky this year.

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    1. That’s the problem with warm weather knitting. I try to accept that it takes a long time. I really need to not do test knits that require being done in a month. If I don’t finish in time it’s not really a big deal since I don’t plan to do it again.


  2. I like the yarn being used for both the tee and the socks. The waffle pattern on the socks is nice but I see why you like the vanilla part. Those photos from the Biltmore are wonderful. All those tulips behind you are breath taking. Welcome home and I hope your weather gets better for you.

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  3. Great to see those knitting goals staying on track. You are getting lots done and how wonderful to visit family and old friends. I hope things warm up for you now your are home – you don’t want your hubby to jump ship!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Great progress! I don’t know how you do it. I think you need to pick a state maybe halfway or thereabouts and call that your summer home and have FL be your winter home. I actually use to have a knitting friend who called CT her winter home (where I am) and very northern VT home was her summer home. I’m still running the heat regularly (It was 34 this AM) and it’s been very grey and wet. Good knitting weather, if nothing else.

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  5. Looks like you’re on track for the majority of your goals – I’m sure that feels really good! Hopefully you’ll have some crafting time now that you’ve done the drive home. Also glad that you had lovely weather to enjoy the Biltmore and its gardens!

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  6. Is that a photo of you or your friend? I wasn’t sure, but it’s lovely photos and a gorgeous shawl. You seem on track and getting some WIPs finished is great. I have some on my list from YOP 9 that I’ve carried forward two years and likely to carry over into a 3rd 🤦‍♀️. I can’t believe your son didn’t take down the Christmas decorations, that must have been very odd coming back to Christmas in April 😂.

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    1. That’s me in the photo. Hubby took the picture. My son claimed since they spend little time on the main floor (they have essentially a 2 bedroom “apartment” on our lower floor) they didn’t “see” the decorations much. Next year we may travel back to Florida a day or two after Christmas thus we could take down the decorations.

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