2022: Wk of Apr 10 – 16; Chaio Goo Needle Tip Set, Test Knit Update

Chaio Goo Twist Needle Tip Set

I have wanted to get the Chaio Goo Shorties interchangeable needle set Size 0 – 3 for years. But I always felt they were too expensive. Sadly, they are even more expensive now. Well, despite my insisting not to be paid for walking my elderly friend’s dog in Florida, he gave me a going away card. He included cash knowing that if he used a check I wouldn’t cash it. So I figured the best way to meet his wishes was to buy something for myself that I wouldn’t normally splurge on. Since I knit almost exclusively fingering weight projects, these tips will get a lot of use. I plan to also purchase some longer cords. They came with only very short cords for socks and sleeves.

Tee Test Knit

The test knit tee is getting all my attention. As much as I say I don’t care if I don’t get it done by the end of the month, I still am trying to do my besting by focusing all my knitting time on it. That way I can say I did my best, I just can’t knit that many stitches in one month. When I started it, I didn’t count on how much my son and his girlfriend would want to play card games in the evenings once we got back to Ohio. Usually we only did this on Friday night but they have wanted to play an hour or two every evening. Sorry, but knitting will ALWAYS lose to spending time with humans, especially my kids.


One lesson I’ve learned is the value of creating a stitch count chart. Since I was already late starting the project I didn’t take the time to calculate the stitch count per row as I made the raglan increases. Big mistake. Sadly I can see that I have not always remembered to make the yo at the raglan increases. I’m not willing to frog back but will “wing it”. If the errors truly bother me, I’ll end up frogging the top.

Adding to the lack of time is now we are making a 11 hr trip (each way) to Minneapolis next weekend to attend a memorial service for my husband’s cousin. She was younger than me. She died from ALS or in America known as Lou Gehrig’s disease (showing my age that I know who he was). Since I have to do most of the driving, I won’t get much knitting done. The only positive is that we will stop and visit my step-daughter and our new granddaughter on our way back home from the memorial service. It’s the first time we will see the baby and she will be six months old.


I have been looking at yarn advent calendar’s for 2 years. I did buy a 12 day one in 2020 but wasn’t real happy with the colors of the mini (shades of grey mostly). A local knitting friend and I created a google spreadsheet of all the calendars we could find last year but I resisted buying one. I’m always afraid that I won’t like the colors the dyer comes up with and some of the prices are outrageous. Including “extras” that I don’t want doesn’t make the calendar more valuable to me. I’ve updated the spreadsheet for 2022 (who would believe you have to order them in April!!). My friend shared with me a yarn store in Indianapolis that is offering an advent calendar using minis of Emma’s yarn. That’s the yarn stocked in the yarn store I visited with my Florida knitting friends so I know I love her yarn and her colors. So I bought myself the advent calendar!!!! My plan is to knit the Sea Glass Tee as my New’s Year’s Day 2023 cast-on with the advent minis. I can’t wait!


Specking of holidays, I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend if you celebrate it. My 22 year old still likes me to make and hide an Easter basket for him, and one for his girlfriend. It’s a once a year treat of high quality chocolate cream eggs from Cincinnati’s best chocolate candy company. I make a basket for hubby and I to share as well. It’s a beautiful sunny day and we will enjoy a small family gathering with our 3 boys that live in Cincinnati.

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog each week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. YOP is in it’s 11th year. It’s my second in the group.


15 thoughts on “2022: Wk of Apr 10 – 16; Chaio Goo Needle Tip Set, Test Knit Update

  1. Your test knit looks as though it is coming along nicely. I too decided to splurge on an advent calendar this year, but I haven’t decided what to knit with it yet. Your Easter day sounds lovely.

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    1. Your test knit tee looks nice. I like the texture on it. I have looked at advent calendars but alas, the are always 100% wool and that does me no good. So I just save my $$. Sorry to hear about the cousin passing away. ALS is such a horrible disease. I agree about spending time with family vs knitting. Family wins every time

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      1. Yes the texture is what attracted me to the pattern. I’m thinking in the future I might wrap up leftover yarn from projects and once I’ve collected 24, create my own calendar. No way I’ll remember what yarns got wrapped up so it will still be a surprise.


  2. I love reading about your advent calendar trials and tribulations. I think they are a marvelous idea, but so expensive that I have never bought one. I am thinking of making up one of my own this year. If I make it up now, I will have forgotten by December what is in each of the parcels! It’s a thought. Or maybe I will see if a knitting friend wants to make one for each other and swap? Hmm..You have given me so many ideas now. Thank you.

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    1. I seriously thought about taking the mini skeins I have and have hubby or a friend wrap them into an advent calendar. “Fortunately” it turned out I had less mini skeins than I thought and thus justified to myself buying a calendar. Hmm – idea – as I finish projects and have ~20 gr leftovers and I’ll wrap them and put them in a bag. Once I have 24 of these, I’ll call them an advent calendar. I will definitely have forgotten what yarns got stowed away. Maybe a bag of fingering weight and a bag of DK since those are the only 2 thickness of yarns I use.


  3. I can see test knitting is never going to be something for me, I don’t handle deadlines well. When we play Canasta with my husband and MIL sometimes they take so long with their turns I threaten to get my knitting out. I enjoy playing but unfortunately my husband and MIL drink a lot of spirits during it and an argument usually follows and I leave them to it and go to bed 😂. ALS I had to google, we call it Motor Neurone Disease here in the UK. I am resisting buying an advent this year, but the dyed I have bought them from in the past usually sells them in April too.


    1. Can totally relate to slow game playing. I frequently get my phone out when my husband takes his turn. I need to get out my knitting instead. When the kids were growing up we’d have to put a timer on to force him to play faster.

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  4. I hope you had a wonderful weekend with your kids and celebrating the Easter holiday. I think that’s a perfect “splurge” for yourself, especially since you know you’ll use those needles a lot. I am still in shock that Advent boxes are on sale right now. I mean… maybe August? But APRIL? Glad you found one you’re excited about tho!

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    1. I know!! A couple of years ago I wanted to buy one in September only to discover I had missed the sign-ups!! I understand now that these are mostly preorders so the dyer knows how much yarn to make. Still can’t get used to ordering them in April!


  5. I also took the plunge and ordered an advent kit this year. My daughter still wants to make me one (with my leftover sock yarn), so it looks like I’ll have two. I’m also looking at the sea glass tea as my project, I figure the minis have a theme so should go well together. I like how your advent calendar comes on a wreath. It’s a cute setup!

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    1. Yes. I’m glad it’s a festive advent calendar that I can use as decoration. The one I got 2 years ago was simply plain bags. Could have been any season. I used tiny clothes pins and created a garland with small Christmas ornaments

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