2022: Wk of June 26-July 2; MidYear Review & Shawl Update


I do a calendar year plan but I still like to check at the midpoint to see how I’m going. Always good for a chuckle.

WIPS – Complete the 4 carryover WIPS😁DONE!!
SOCKS/SHRUGS/COWLS – Complete 1 per month
I have 4 socks and 1 shrug done with 2 socks and 1 shrug on needles. I’m betting by the end of July I’ll be ahead of the game with 6 socks and 2 shrugs.
🙂CLOSE – 5/12
Surprise, surprise. I’m a bit behind. I have one tee and one shawl completed. But as discussed below, I will likely finish a shawl this month putting me back on track.
🙂CLOSE – 2/5
I didn’t set a goal for this year but I did knit a baby sweater for my new granddaughter. Helps explain why I’m a bit behind on my sweater goal as the fingering weight baby sweater took a lot of time to knit.
I wanted to do an advent calendar project since I already have minis from 2 advent calendars and I’ve ordered 3 more!! I do have yarn “packaged” up for a striped sweater using advent minis but truthfully there is a Halloween cowl I want to knit that’s a higher priority to me. Hubby’s sweater also has to be finished before starting an “advent” sweater.
😝BEHIND – 0/1

So not bad. I’m okay with where I’m at the year midpoint.


Average 1800 stitches per day each month
Not surprisingly I missed this in May due to gardening and my daughter’s wedding. I barely met the goal in June. I am still averaging 1800 stitches per day for the year.
Make something Brioche
Still struggling with this. I will go back and review the online Brioche class I bought from Patty Lyons before starting the Newspaper sweater. This goal will likely move to 2023.
Knit Continential
I continue to work on this. I can do rows of knits and purls but struggle when the knitting has increases and decreases like a lace pattern.
Yarn Out > Yarn In
3 advent calendars will do that to you. Plus finding a new LYS. And a 75% off sale.
Make something colorwork
I am planning a Halloween cowl and maybe some advent socks.
Review Stash – Queue
Was humbled by how long it will take me to knit my stash. I’m fast approaching SABLE. Sadly being aware of how much yarn I already have has not slowed my yarn acquisitions.
Knit several “new to me” designers so far – Stephen West, shrugs and sock patterns. Joji (Brioche) and Emma (colorwork) sweaters likely to move to 2023 plan.
Learn to Crochet
Not a priority. Thought it would help make blankets quicker but blanket making is not a priority for me. Someday…
Learn to Knit without Looking
Still a work in progress. Only can do with all knit rows and DK or thicker yarns.
Track Days Worked on Project
Yes I have added to my knitting plan spreadsheet. I also now track the number of stitches I knit on each project so that I can better estimate how many stitches a project will take and thus estimate how many projects I can get done in a year.
Sew a project bag with Charlie Harper fabric
Sadly this is a low priority project as I already have plenty of project bags. The fabric is so cute but would just be another bag that I have to figure out where to store. I won 3 project bags this year in giveaways. Now I need to giveaway project bags.
Knit an Animal Toy
I still want to do this but probably will wait two or three years to make one for my granddaughter.

Definitely not doing as well on my goals as I am on my projects. But I don’t mind changing my mind as the year progresses. Actually I expect it. It’s not a big surprise learning to crochet didn’t turn out to be a big desire. Not a big fan of crochet so I don’t want to use my “good” yarn on crochet projects. Also things happen making sewing a project bag not needed – no matter how cute the fabric. It will get done someday….


Made a lot of progress this week on my stepdaughter’s Stephen West shawl. She is happy with the black yarn instead of the tan I used on my shawl. I’m playing a bit of yarn chicken so I’ll be aggressively blocking it to make sure it’s big enough. I’m a little over halfway done as I’ve started the trellis half. The trellis pattern is much more complicated cabling so I have to follow the pattern more closely. It’s too complicated for me to memorize. Fingers crossed I can get it done this week but I’ll probably be finishing it when I get back from Maine.


Really??! I’m supposed to resist a 75% sale on yarn. I bought 6 skeins for only $30. That’s 2 tees. Love the spring/summer colors and the shine that the 15% silk adds. I said I wanted to make a second Anne Hanssen Structured Top with a solid color so that’s the plan for the new spring green yarn. Seeing Eyelet to Eyelet is my pattern planned for the orangish sunflower yarn. So my queue is well into 7 years!!

Hope you have a wonderful week of crafting. This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog each week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. 🙂 YOP is starting it’s 12th year. I’ve been knitting for five years and I’m starting my third year in the group.


18 thoughts on “2022: Wk of June 26-July 2; MidYear Review & Shawl Update

  1. You have done quite well with your project. I am sure you will do some catching up on the other goals the second half of the year. I do agree that turning ones nose up at a 75% off yarn sale is not a wise decision. The yarns you got are so bright and vibrant. They will make lovely garments.

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  2. Any progress is progress and what you have done is lovely. The shawl is gorgeous. As long as you enjoy what you do that is the main thing!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I find it’s helpful to my wrist/elbow/shoulder stress to switch between English and Continental. But it’s definitely more wonky so I only do it on socks or garments for me.


  3. Loved seeing your update and I like the fact that, while you had some changes to your plans, you are still doing great with many of your goals for the year! I still struggle with the more yarn out than yarn in, and I don’t think we’re alone!

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  4. The number of stitches a day you are averaging just shows the progress you are making, I manage nothing close to that at all. I think you’ve done great so far and it’s been fun to follow along. I’d be asking you to see a doctor if you’d passed on heading to that sale…70% off, In my head that’s practically free yarn.

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    1. I don’t do all the other crafting you do so all my crafting time is spent on knitting. I won’t be upping this goal next year as I’m already feeling a little stressed about knitting that much every day. Unless I figure out a way to knit faster, I’m not going to try to knit more.

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  5. I’m impressed you keep track of your stitches per day. I don’t even know how to calculate that. I’m also failing at knitting more yarn than I bring in. Oh well. Having a plan is great, even if it means we are consciously bucking it.

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    1. Thanks. I’ve been creating a plan for 3 years now. I feel I’m doing better at estimating how many projects I can realistically do in a year. Last year I added the goal piece which I like as it moves me beyond completing specific items.


  6. You had a great year!! Way to get so much accomplished. I’m excited to see what the next half brings.
    And I wouldn’t get down on yourself about new yarn. Buying new yarn and supplies is a TOTALLY separate hobby.

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