2022: Wk of 8/28-9/3; Autumn Cowl Plan B, Knitting by Candlelight, and Favorite Knitting Tools


On to Plan B. After knitting a stripe of pumpkins and and the stripe of leaves (that I created by borrowing and modifying from a free chart I found on Ravelry), I realized that I did not like how the black background yarn of the stripes went with the variegated yarn I had used leading into the stripes. So I spent much of this week knitting the stripes, tinking back the stripes I had knitted, and reknitting stripes. I shortened the stripes so as to have less background and I didn’t like the green I had used as the pumpkin vine anyway. Now it’s just pumpkins. I had to redo the leaves chart to make it a shorter stripe. I added a section of variegated yarn between the colorwork stripes so that it would be less of a “block” of plain black background. I “oops” again figuring out when to start the leaves stripe so it’s a much bigger block of variegated yarn between the two stripes. I had planned to have a second stripe of pumpkins but that will make the cowl too long. I’m happy with it. It really shows off the variegated with the stripes playing a background role versus being the centerpiece of the cowl. Another change is that I decided to do a 3 row garter edge before a decorative picot bind-off. Unfortunately my colorwork is too tight (good lesson) so I can’t pull the cowl down onto my shoulders. Also not sure I love the picot border. I’m going to live with it a bit and then decide if I need to rip

I realized my next sock project is going to be using the leftover variegated yarn so that I have autumn socks to match my cowl!!


Of course as I’m trying to pick back up the stitches from ripping out the colorwork stripes on the cowl, when the power went out this week!! On a beautiful day?? What the heck? Apparently there was a car accident that knocked out power from late afternoon until the next morning for our little area! So this is me knitting by candlelight since what the heck do you do at 9pm when you aren’t tired but have no power. Enjoyed listening to a podcast on my phone. Thankful I had my “brain dead” garter stitch baby blanket to work on. Perfect for a low light situation. Once again another reason I’m so thankful I learned to knit!! I’m about half way done with the blanket.


Not much else to share knitwise since I’m trying to be more monogamous-ish. Thought I’d include a bit on my favorite knitting tools as gift ideas for knitters. As you can see from my blog header photo of my knitting wall, I love clear containers for yarn and notions. Clear Cosmetic Zippered Bags (for Notions), Small Clear Bead “tins”(for specialty stitch markers), Clear Zipper Bags (Yarn storage), Clear Interchangeable Needle Case, and Clear Totes – Inexpensive. I love using clear “containers” so that I can quickly see what’s inside. I prefer clear “tins” to hold my stitch markers so I can quickly see which stitch markers are in which tin . Clear cosmetic bags to hold my notions so I can quickly find my snips or tape measure. Clear zippered “sheets” bags to hold my multi-skein projects, usually with the front page of the pattern I was at least initially planning to knit with the yarn. Even a clear tote to carry multiple project bags to knitting sessions with fellow knitters so that I can quickly find my notions pouch or the project I’m working on first.

Hope you have a wonderful week of crafting. This is a year of projects (YOP12) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog each week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts.  YOP started it’s 12th year in July and I’m starting my third year in the group. I’ve been knitting for five years.


12 thoughts on “2022: Wk of 8/28-9/3; Autumn Cowl Plan B, Knitting by Candlelight, and Favorite Knitting Tools

  1. With all the thinking and knitting you did on your cowl, it seems you almost knit it twice. It is really cute. Socks out of the leftovers will be perfect for fall. I really like the bead tins for stitch markers. A great way to keep the different types separated.

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    1. Thanks. I did use up a lot of time creating the leaf stripe, tinking back stripes, and then trying (and failing) to figure out when to start the pumpkin and leaf stripes. Still, since it was mainly stockinette it was a VERY fast knit.


  2. You have the patience of a saint! I would have put that cowl in time out! LOL! It turned out lovely thanks to your patience and persistence. Thank you for your ideas on storing knitting items and yarns! Have a great week!

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  3. We lose our power here all the time so several months ago I decided to buy an “around-the-neck” reading lamp that I’ve taken to using EVERY time I knit, not just when we lose power. I think once you knit with excellent lighting nothing less will ever do again. The lamps were pretty inexpensive (So I went back and bought a second one), and they have three brightness settings and three different types of lighting so you can pick what works for your setting and eyes. I don’t know how I managed to knit before I had these, and I consider them a crafting necessity now. They are rechargeable (no batteries required), so I always have one charging while I’m knitting with the other. I can get about 8 hours or so out of a change before I have to recharge it, depending on how bright you set your settings. (And assuming you remember to turn it off when you take a break) I love these lamps and think they were worth every penny.

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    1. Oh goodness! How foolish of me. I have one but I rarely use it. It was packed for this week’s trip as on our last trip I realized it sure would have been helpful in the hotel room when my hubby was ready to sleep but I wasn’t. But I could have easily gotten it out of our overnight bag. Thanks for the thought!

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  4. Your cowl came out very fun! Have you seen the Doodler fall cowl? It’s mix and match and make up as you go with rows of colorwork motifs – and I’m thinking of making one at some point. Your garter stitch blanket is coming along nicely!

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