2022: Wk of 9/11-17; Sock and Sweater Updates


I’m happy to report that the second time was the charm in not twisting my stitches on this bottom up pullover. Fingers crossed that the waist will not be too tight. The hem is knit with fewer stitches than the body. I figure worst case I’ll rip out the hem and reknit it straight from the body stitches. This is an easy knit now that I’m past twisting the hem so I’m getting lots of practice knitting Continental.


What a surprise, I got a lot less knitting done this week at the beach than I thought. I did make a little progress on both my Fixation socks and my Autumn socks. The Fixation socks will now become my car knitting since I’m in no hurry to finish them. I don’t want to get caught again with no knitting in my car. Nothing like sitting for an hour waiting to get the oil changed with nothing to knit.

I’m knitting my Autumn socks Continental style and forgot how much looser my stitches are. The sock is too big!😲 With only 2″ before starting the heel, I’ve decreased the stitch count from 68 to 62 and I’ve added 2×2 ribbing to the bottom side. If it still ends up too sloopy, I’ll have to frog it.


What a wonderful week long wedding celebration. The weather was perfect. Way too much good food to eat. The bride and her family are happy but exhausted. This is the beach mansion they rented for the week.

Hope you had a wonderful week. I look forward to getting back home for the next two months!!


10 thoughts on “2022: Wk of 9/11-17; Sock and Sweater Updates

  1. The fixation socks are really pretty. And of course your progress keepers on both pair are adorable. Glad you enjoyed the wedding and your trip. That mansion is amazing! Hopefully your next two months at home will be lovely and productive. Oh, I noticed my knitting tension is different too when I switch between English and Portuguese knitting. Glad to hear I am not the only one.

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  2. Everytime I come to your blog and see your header I think to myself “I want to live there!” Great to be back and catching up on your progress. Can’t wait to see the pattern emerge on your hubby’s sweater.

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    1. I appreciate that!! I too just love to look at my blog header but even more I enjoy gazing at my yarn wall in person. I love periodically getting to reorganize it if I use up a significant amount of yarn or more likely – purchase a significant amount of yarn.


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