2023: Wk of 1/8-14; Plan Changes Already!! and Lessons Learned


Well, that didn’t take long. I already changed my mind on the yarn to use on a project although so far so good on pattern choice. I knew I needed a light colored yarn to use with my minis and I planned a cream colored yarn that I had bought years ago for a tee. But since my advent calendar from Emma’s yarn had a lot of light colored yarns, I decided that I would use the light colored minis from the Emma’s Yarn calendar with the dark colored minis from A Girl And Her Wool advent calendar for my Sea Glass Tee. I’m actually thrilled to be using only advent minis for the tee. So this is a change I’m happy with. I also didn’t realize the Sea Glass Tee is a “colorwork” sweater so I’ll be knocking off that goal too by knitting this tee.

I’m knitting the “light/dark” colorwork version. I love it!! I can see making more of these tops for my daughters. Colorwork means the fabric is double thick so it’s going to be warm. But we get cool days in the spring and fall. (Or I’ll just crank up the AC!!) I was given the yarn ring below for Christmas. I’ve never used one before but it’s perfect for this 1×1 colorwork!!

Full confession – I’ve already frogged the sweater shown below. It is my fault. I used the ring to knit my swatch but was having trouble learning how to use it. Much of the tee was knit with one yarn in my right hand the second in my left. This resulted in a MUCH tighter gauge. It tried on the tee (LOVE top down) and it was going to be more of a turtleneck!! In addition to the gauge being too tight, I think I need to do the increases more frequently than the pattern calls for. I’m making a smaller neck opening so I think that’s causing the need for faster increases. I’m not upset. I see the first attempt as learning how to use the ring and figuring out the neck. I’ve already recast it on and I’m finding it much easier to use the ring. I’m doing increases every 2-3 rows instead of 6 as the pattern calls for.


Starting my 2023 plan took a one week hit as I hated the hem on hubby’s sweater so I ripped out the ribbed hem and put in a garter hem. I learned that the yarn does not “unzip” when pulled from the “bottom”. Since it was a bottom up sweater, I ripped out the cast-on and thought I’d easily be able to “unzip the ribbed rows”. A one day project. Instead I had to “unpluck” almost stitch by stitch pulling the yarn through each stitch. So ripping out 2″ of hem took a week!! I should have removed the hem from the first stripe like I did when I lengthen the sleeves. Since it took a week, this is likely a lesson I won’t forget.

A second “lesson” comes from a review of last year’s stitches per day analysis (thanks Backstage Knits). Turns out Sundays are often when I get the most knitting done. Not too surprising as I tend to knit while watching football games. Fridays on the other hand are when I get the least knitting done. Friday evenings are usually spent enjoying a pizza dinner with my son and his girlfriend followed by an evening of card playing. I will cherish these evenings for as long as they last. I don’t plan to make any changes based on this analysis. It was just interesting.


WOW, what a quick knit a hat is!! Finished the rainbow hat for my son early this week. It was a very basic ribbed hat that was a free pattern on Ravelry, RibaRoni. He loves it although it’s a bit too short so it doesn’t completely cover his ears. I have enough leftover yarn to knit a second longer hat.


This is now my “brain dead” project for social knitting and walking knitting. Similar to the Musselburgh but it starts in the center with a provisional cast-on. I haven’t done the decreases yet as I’m waiting to make sure I like the length before closing off each end. It’s Christmas stripes on one half and a “winter” stripes on the other. Not sure who is going to be the recipient. Maybe it will be stashed away for a future Advent gift.

Well, the year has had some initial stumbling but I’m happy with the changes and learning to use the yarn ring. Hubby likes his sweater much better with the garter hem. I love the projects I’m working on. I hope your 2023 is also off to a good start.

This is a year of projects (YOP12) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog each week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts.  YOP started it’s 12th year in July and I’m starting my third year in the group. I’ve been knitting for six years.


14 thoughts on “2023: Wk of 1/8-14; Plan Changes Already!! and Lessons Learned

  1. That tee is going to be gorgeous. The colorwork is very dramatic and you have chosen good colors to do it in. Learning colorwork is on my to do list. Hopefully. I have undone a bottom up sweater once and you are so right……..it is a royal pain to do. That needs to be a warning on the patterns to do the bottom correct the first time or be prepared to pluck away to correct it! Your son’s hat is great. Love the color. So is your ‘double’ hat. Sounds like you are off to a great start this year.

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  2. getting the tension right on colourwork is a definite learning curve – at least for me. I am interested in the ring – I think I will have to investigate that further. It is great to follow all your new techniques and experiments even if some are frogged in the process you are learning so much.

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  3. I’m intrigued by the ring, does it only work with continental knitting? I hadn’t realised sea glass was colourwork, I’d thought it was slipped stitches…will this be your first all over colourwork project? Well done for battling on with changing that hem. What a nightmare you’ve had with it since the start, I hope 2023 projects are less trouble.

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    1. I’ve only seen videos with the ring used with continental knitting. I think it’s for “plucking” type knitting. I thought the tee was slipped stitches too which is part of the coincidence of the ring. I had no idea I needed it!! It was given to me by Florida friends that don’t knit but wanted to give me “a little something” for Christmas. Hubby got a mushroom cleaning brush. 🙂


  4. I hope you counted each and every single stitch of that hem frog and reknit!! I’ve been there, and it is certainly BEASTLY!! Your Sea Glass tee is so lovely!! The knitting ring looks clever, I hope the learning curve isn’t that bad.

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  5. It still amazes me that you can plan your projects for the year. And while I did think about doing this in December, I realized that is something I probably wouldn’t be good at. But it is awesome.
    Love the colors of your Sea Glass Tee. That is going to be so pretty. I have not used one of those rings before. I think I am stuck in my ways and am afraid of change, LOL

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    1. I’m a control freak so I need to have a plan to feel “in control” of my knitting and stash. I didn’t think I’d want to use a yarn ring so I never bought one. This was an unexpected Christmas gift and I wanted to be able to tell my friend how much I appreciated her gift. Boy was I surprised when it turned out I really did appreciate it!!! It has taken some getting use to but I do really like it for colorwork.

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