2023:Wk of 3/19-25; WIP Updates


I’m very pleased with how this tee is turning out. The fit is going to be great. It is using up a lot of yarn so I may actually need more than I have with me to finish it off. I want it to be a tunic length so it needs to extend past my bottom. Fortunately a have more skeins at home back in Ohio. About 6″ below the armpit, I went up a needle size to provide a little more ease. I actually did wet blocked what I had knit after a few inches just to be sure I couldn’t see a line when I went up a needle size. I plan to decrease stitches as I create the sleeve cuff to create a bit of a puff sleeve. The tee will be a bit thick due to the aran weight yarn. The drape would be better with the DK weight yarn called for but I’m glad I was able to use up some stash yarn.


I’ve made some progress on my Vivaldi Spring socks. Just a couple more stripes and it will be time to knit the heels in the orange contrast yarn. Looks like I don’t have much yarn to knit the leg even of a shortie socks. Fortunately I have a grey mini with me to “extend” the leg.


I’ve started the second sock so that I have something to knit on my last few days of walking and knitting. The first sock is almost ready for the heel so it’s time to catch the second sock up.


We are down to our last few days in Florida. If I get some of the above projects finished this week I may “have” to cast-on the Sophie scarf for car knitting. But it’s likely I’ll be doing most of the driving. The highways will likely be clogged as many snowbirds go back north on the first of April. The activities at the condo complex pretty much grind to a halt by the mid April since more than half of the residents are snowbirds. I already have some coffee dates set up with some knitting friends once I get back to Ohio. I’m also looking forward to getting to sit with my kitty while I knit. I know my stepson has taken good care of her but I’m looking forward to her curling up beside me on the couch.

Hope you had a good week crafting.

This has been a Ravelry Year of Projects post. Bloggers are encouraged to share their fiber plans for the year and then post weekly updates. Sticking to the plan is not required. 🤣


12 thoughts on “2023:Wk of 3/19-25; WIP Updates

    1. Thanks. I am glad this tee seems to be working but big lesson learned to give more respect to yarn weight. I changed the pattern on one of my planned projects for later this year when I realized I would once again be using the wrong weight yarn.


  1. Safe travels north. The buttercup tee I am sure will get lots of wear despite the Aran yarn…is it linen cotton blend, I’ve forgotten the yarn you used. I couldn’t be parted from a pet for so long each year, mind you I love snow so I’d not be in the same situation, that’s great your stepson is willing to look after kitty for you. When my mother in law goes to Australia for 3 or 4 months at a time we look after the parrot for her…but technically it is my husbands so it’s a bit of a weird situation. 2 weeks is the longest I’ve been away from our dog and had video calls with her whilst I was gone 😂🤣

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    1. The yarn is Rowan Summer Tweed. It is discontinued. I was given it last year by someone that no longer knits. If and when my stepson can’t take care of my kitty I will probably smuggle my kitty into the condo down here. Renters aren’t allowed to have pets.

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