About Me

I started knitting Sept ’16.  The first few years I learned to make shawls, socks, and sweaters by taking classes at my LYS, Silk Road Textiles. My favorite person to knit for is my daughter but I’m starting to make items for myself so I better learn about fit.  I’m no longer taking classes but instead trusting that I can figure out patterns on my own.

I can’t believe how much I’m enjoying knitting!!  This has become a great retirement hobby.  Plus I have made truly great friends.  I have a knitting group in my hometown of Cincinnati and two knitting/crochet groups in my winter home of Naples, FL.  I’ve added making project bags to my hobbies so that I can keep my knitting projects in fun fabrics.  Since I no longer live in a winter season, I pretty much only knit with fingering weight  yarn.

I like to share what I’m learning about patterns, yarn, notions, etc. all things knitting.   I still have a lot to learn and it’s fun to discover new tools.  I have yet to make a seamed sweater.  Nor a fade or marled sweater.  I made my first colorwork project (socks in ’21). I plan to knit a fairly simple colorwork sweater in ’22.  I just recently learned about which yarns and patterns are most likely to grow, although not what to do about it.  Sadly my favorites of lace and the shiny yarns of silk and bamboo are big growers.

Hope you are enjoying my blog and possibly learning a thing or two.