2021: As the Year Ends – Goals Review


Hard to believe the last Sunday in 2021 has arrived!! So it’s time to review and learn from my 2021 knitting plan and goals. 2021 was my third year of creating a knitting plan. This year I also added non project specific goals. I’m happy to say it was a successful knitting year. I liked having non project goals in addition to my planned projects to help broaden my knitting skills and experiences. My digital calendar/plan with stitch count and yarn consumption tracking was a big success so I will continue to use that tool in 2022.


I assign “points” to my projects based on how large the project is, sweaters get more points than socks, and how difficult the project is, brioche gets more points than a mainly stockinette sweater. While I didn’t knit every project that I had planned at the beginning of 2021, I ended up knitting more “points” than I had planned as I added new projects. I consider 2021 a big success.

1 hat DID – Knit 2
4 socks DID – Knit 8
6 sweaters/tops OOPS – Knit 4
1 shrug OOPS – Knit 0
Complete 2 carryover WIPs DID – Knit 2

Hat (1)DID (2)
I ended up knitting 2 as I tried to copy a friend’s hat knit by her German cousins. The black and white was my first attempt. The black yarn masked the stitch pattern and the fuzzy white yarn masked the cable. Good learning. The maroon and gold was a satisfactory second attempt.

Socks (4)DID (8)
I knit 8 pairs of socks. Making anklet length greatly increased how many pairs of socks I can knit. The colorwork Christmas socks was a new technique for me. Three were just vanilla socks. The fall colored striped yarn and the Christmas striped yarn socks were new patterns although still quite basic.

Sweaters (6??) – MISSED? (4)
I wisely wondered if I could make 6 sweaters/tops in a year so I had question marks by 2 on my list. Add that I had to basically reknit one of my carryover from 2020 sweaters when I hated the stripe pattern. So I feel I completed 5. I think part of my problem is I’m usually knitting a sweater/top for someone else so I’m stressing over fit. Plus they just take a long time!!

Shrug (1) – MISSED (0)
I’m not real committed to making a shrug so this always falls to the bottom of the pile. I’ve learned in the future shrugs will be “nice to do” rather than a “committed” project.

WIPS (2)DID (2)
I did complete both carryover projects. One was a sweater I mentioned above that I ended up reknitting when I hated the large stripes at the waist and hips. I ripped it back to the armholes. The second was a pair of socks.

Unplanned ProjectsDONE (6)

This is where I racked up “points” when I didn’t complete the sweaters and shrug on my original plan. I ended up with colorwork fingerless mitts and a baby blanket that weren’t on my plan at the beginning of the year. One was because my first attempt at colorwork socks ended up too tight to fit over my heel and the second was a pleasant surprise when my stepdaughter announced she was pregnant. Then I decided to use up leftover yarn to make tumbler cozies for hubby, I, and soccer seatmates.


I didn’t start the year with goals but did quickly add them. I definitely like having some “guiding” principals in addition to specific projects. I had 18 goals of which I DID 10 of them. I’m actually happy with that as I’ve learned some of the goals weren’t important to me or I made good progress on the goal even if I wouldn’t consider it “completed”.

1) Aver 1000+ stitches per day DID
I actually averaged 1500 stitches per day over the year for a total of 566,791 (as of this morning). Since I had never tracked stitches previously, a stitch count goal was a stab in the dark. I’m happy I surpassed it.
2) Make something Brioche MISSED
I’ve moved this to 2022. I definitely want to make something with Brioche to help me remember how to do it.
3) Knit something Continential GOOD PROGRESS
I haven’t knit anything entirely Continential but I’ve made good progress on knitting a large portion Continential. I’m currently knitting the Heldig top Continential on the stockinette parts. I also knit the stockinette parts on my socks Continential.
4) Make Barbara’s “German” hat DID
Took 2 trys but I did successfully copy the hat pattern. My friend is very happy.
5) Make something with colorwork DID
So thrilled with my Advent Socks which are colorwork. I look forward to knitting more.
6) Make Ravelry Queue match Knitting Plan MISSED
Very low priority. It would be nice to have my queue match my knitting plan but since I don’t really use my queue this shouldn’t be a goal
7) Clean out Ravelry Favorites MISSED
Again, more of a nice to do. I don’t use my Favorites all that much so it’s not causing me a problem. I’ll drop this as a goal too.
8) Try Out Digital Knitting Calendar/Journal DID
I have found a digital calendar/journal that I like very much. I started off just using a google type calendar but found the linking & calculating that an excel spreadsheet provides was more useful for me. I still use Ravelry to record what yarn/ needles used as well as project notes/modifications. The excel calendar tracks what days I worked on a specific project & total stitches knit for the day. I’m just a digital girl.
9) Make Ornaments MISSED
Again, not a high priority project. Something I thought I might like to do in Nov/Dec but ended up with other projects.
10) Learn new technique – Darning DID
I did end up darning some socks. I also tried another new technique – knitting socks with 9″ circulars. I’m still using 9″ when I want the socks to be portable and don’t care if the pattern ends up mismatched between the two.
11) Visit Simply Sock with JOHNs MISSED
This was only a goal if my Cincinnati knitting group wanted to take a “girls” trip this year. It just never worked out.
12) Attend Wool Gathering – Youngs Dairy DID
This was fairly local so more of a “girls” day trip.
13) Create Advent Refill Kits DID
My friends enjoyed last years advent calendar so much that I wanted to do it again. I did dial it back this year to just a 12 day calendar with only mini skeins versus last year’s that had treats and stitch markers. While they loved it, I will not do it again for a third year. We are all getting overwhelmed with mini skeins.
14) Complete all 2021 planned projects MISSED
Not really sure this is a good goal since I don’t like to be hemmed in. I change what projects I want to knit as circumstances change (such as a new baby).
15) Buy Advent calendar??? MISSED??
Again, not sure this is a good goal hence the question marks even when I put it on the list. A knitting friend and I did create a spreadsheet of all the advent calendars we could find with pricing, order dates, etc as a reference. This is actually more helpful than buying a calendar I didn’t want which is why I never bought one.
16) Write Knitting Blog every week DID
I was pretty sure I could write a blog post each week for the Ravelry blogging group so this was not a stretch goal. Writing the weekly review and sharing with others has been a pleasure so I will continue.
17) Do a Crafty Class DID
This was mainly so I could decide if I wanted to continue my Crafty subscription. I did take one of their online classes but didn’t like it enough to review my subscription.
18) More Yarn Out than In DID
Barely (200 gr delta) and only because I’m going to wait till January to buy the extra yarn I need to a 2022 project planned for New Year’s Day Cast-on. I will continue this goal in 2022 and modify by setting a goal for a bigger delta between In and Out.

Here’s my geeky stitch count analysis. 🙂

Excel Knitting Plan Analysis

2021 was a successful knitting year in my opinion.


Next week I will be sharing my 2022 Project plans and goals for the year. Hope you have a wonderful week ringing in the new year.

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog each week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. YOP is in it’s 11th year. It’s my second in the group.