2023: Wk of 5/14-20; Ranunculus Progress, Colorwork Socks, and Hat Cast-on


This is a super easy knit now that it’s just a stockinette in the round for the body. I’m almost out of yarn so I’ll be finishing off the body today. Then I’ll use the collar mini to make a very small ribbed cuff for the sleeves followed by a small garter hem. Probably will have to use a second mini to be able to finish the hem.


Arg. The risk of making this a sometimes project. Could not find the background yarn for the second sock’s purple stripe. So I had to rip it out on the first sock and reknit the sock with a different purple background yarn. Definitely an eclectic pair of socks. I need to knit the final 2 stripes on the second sock and then I’ll knit the foot in some leftover sock yarn. The yarns don’t match in any way but I almost always wear shoes so no one sees the foot of my socks. These are supposed to be “whimsical” and just use up leftover yarn. They aren’t a gift for anyone, just fun ones for me to wear.


Despite my logic that it would be more fun to cast-on the colorful rainbow yarn for the next hat, I cast on the same tan tweed I used in the first student hat. Decided I was more interested in “finishing off” the yarn. I did order a bunch of faux fur pom poms to hide my less than pretty crown decreasing. At only $0.50 a pom pom, I felt the hats could enjoy the splurge. I’ve also found a use for a crochet bag I bought several years ago. It’s now my “hat yarn” bag.


It took 3 years but hubby and I finally came down with Covid. My test result went positive so fast I it did a second time because I thought I did something wrong! Doc put us on meds, Paxlovid for me and something for hubby that didn’t interfere with his blood thinner. We are both doing much better although have persistent tiredness. Fortunately for us our insurance still covers Covid testing and treatment until mid-July.

Wishing everyone a wonderful week of crafting. This has been a Ravelry Year of Projects post. Bloggers are encouraged to share their fiber plans for the year and then post weekly updates. Sticking to the plan is not required. 😉


2023: Wk of 1/15-21; Hat FO and Sea Glass Tee


I knew it wouldn’t take long but really??? Two weeks??? So I’ve already added a project to my 2023 plan that wasn’t there are the start of the year. Not a big deal. Made another hat for my son since the carryover WIP one turned out to be a bit too small. I had hoped to get it to him before another snowstorm hits Cincinnati but they got 6″ today. Oh well, for the next one.


I was having so much fun knitting my Sea Glass tee and using the yarn ring last Sunday that apparently I stressed out the thumb on my right hand. Didn’t hurt while knitting but boy if I moved it a certain way – Yipes. I guess for me, if you are going to knit all day, do it over multiple projects. I’ve been massaging my thumb and hand and it’s doing much better. I think it’s because I’m knitting the tee continental when I’m usually an English style knitter. Anyway, it seems to be helping that I’m knitting my hat projects English while knitting the tee continental and making sure not to knit on the tee all day. The tee is a bit of slow go as it’s 400 stitches per row and the alternating colorwork also slows it down. I’m still enjoying it.


With the focus on getting my son’s hat done and making progress on the Sea Glass Tee, the reversible hat didn’t see a lot of knitting this week. This is definitely going to be a gift for one of my Cincinnati stepsons and I see knitting more or these Christmas/winter hats as gifts.

And that’s it for this week’s knitting. Wishing all a good week.

This is a year of projects (YOP12) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog each week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts.  YOP started it’s 12th year in July and I’m starting my third year in the group. I’ve been knitting for six years.

YOP – Week of June 14 – 20

I did not get nearly as much knitting done this week as usual. It has been cherry and black raspberry picking time at our house. We got a good crop of cherries this year so I’ve been picking and pitting most everyday this past week. Monday hubby and I will make sour cherry preserves with our harvest. My son has also requested a cherry pie. My husband is an excellent pie baker. My husband makes homemade chambord with the black raspberries although I’d prefer preserves or pie.

Fresh Picked Sour Cherries

Sunday is Father’s Day here in the US and it was our first family gathering since Christmas ’19. It was so nice to spend some time with my husband’s brother and his wife plus some nieces and their hubbies. Plus 2 of our sons.

Sock Knitting – 9″ Circulars

I’m so tickled with the yarn I’m using for my Size 0 – 9″ circular experiment. I just love the vibrant colors. I’m using a pink variegated mini to put a small stripe at the toe and then will use it at the heel and the cuff. I will also be trying an afterthought heel which will be a new technique for me. I did not make much progress on my Size 4 – 9″ circular Fixation socks since they are intended for the flight next week.

Deep Dyed Yarn Socks

Attempt #2 at “German” Hat

I have started a second attempt to copy the hat given to my friend by her cousins in Germany. I think the yarn is not as bulky as her cousins used. It was some acrylic/wool blend that I had leftover from a sweater. I’ve finished the headband portion. Now I’m working on the cable band that gets sewn onto the headband before picking up stitches to make the crown. I’ve already realized that her cousins used slip stitches for the contrast color but oh well. I think this is as close as I’m going to come. I still can’t figure out what stitches they did along the edges of the cable. Again I think it’s some type of slip stitches. When I get this one done I’m going to have to declare close enough. There are too many other things I want to knit beside copying this hat pattern.

Recreating Hat Pattern

Getting Back to “Normal” – Social Knitting

I got to have 2 social knitting sessions this week!! My usual weekly group of knitters has been getting together on Saturdays since May. This week I also got together with a broader group on Friday. That will probably turn into a monthly. It is so nice to share tips and tricks from good podcasts to watch, to how to make an afterthought heel, to getting to use my friend’s really good ball winder to get some skeins ready for projects I’ll be starting in mid-July. I wish the monthly group that would meet at an area microbrewery would restart but I’m not sure they will. I may just have to get together with my friend that was one of the leaders on our own each month. I think I can be talked into that. 🙂


I really really like soccer!! So much so that my kids and hubby gave me season tickets to our local Major League Soccer team for 2020. We all know how that turned out. So I was able to roll them over into season tickets for this year. I finally got to go to my first game as now there are no restrictions on attendance. It was so fun even though the team lost (we are in last place). It’s a brand new stadium. I go by myself as my hubby’s health issues make it impossible for him to attend. But the people sitting by me were so friendly that it was enjoyable. I appreciate their kindness.

Gorgeous Night for Soccer

17 Year Cicada Update

I’m happy to report that we are definitely past the peak. It’s almost like a light stitch being turned off. One day they are everywhere and noisy, the next day it just tons of dead bugs and quiet. I so enjoyed getting to hear the birds singing again! The cidadas aren’t completely gone but they are no longer a nuisance. I don’t expect to be living here when they return in 17 years. Heck, I’ll be lucky if I’m still living on this side of the grass in 17 years.

This is a year of projects (YOP) update. YOP is a Ravelry Group – make a plan for the year ahead for all your fiber activities, then update your blog every week. Plans can be calendar year (like mine) or mid-year start (like many). Following the plan is optional and creates some of the fun of posts. YOP is in it’s 10th year although I’m in my first in the group.